Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 17

[NOTE] The Audio Inferno podcast has a certain direction set for it: play rock songs by African bands. We at AudioInferno are trying our best to amass an impressive collection or catalogue of albums with the blessing of these rock bands so the entire continent can get in on that action. Pending the time we get enough albums in place we will be playing Rock songs from other continents, the Rock songs you know and don’t know and don’t want to know even, we will be force feeding if we need too here. This here is why we have breaks in the show which IS supposed to always go LIVE on Fridays, 5pm. We know a lot of you guys are paying close attention to our works and we appreciate your constant support also.

With that outta the way, Woooooooohooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Skippy Duran here saying a ‘howdy to yee.” As usual, we have a collection of random ass songs lined up for you. Keeping it Alternative, Grunge, Death, Metalcore and Thrash cos we know you guys love the spicy shows huh?

  1. Down In A Hole -by- Alice In Chains
  2. Redemption and Regret -by- Carnifex
  3. Pistol Grip Pump -by- Rage Against the Machines
  4. Still Take You Home -by- Arctic Monkeys
  5. Calm Before the Storm -by- Acronycal
  6. Collect Call -by- Metric
  7. Anthrax -by- Anthrax
  8. World Is A Thorn -by- Demon Hunter

Two songs actually got me reeling here, I usually skip them when they pop up while my playlist is on shuffle, the song from Anthrax and Acronycal. Cool songs, hopefully you guys will dig them both. If you’re loving any songs on here, let us know on the comment section people.


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Temet nosce. Author of the book: The Complication, Grim. Speed/Thrash Metal enthusiast. Guitarist. #CFC. Sub-serial AudioInferno podcaster. Habitual fire starter, local troublemaker, I'm BATMAN (nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, BATMAN!!!!!!!!)


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