SA Metal Music Awards Winners


The South Africa Metal Music Awards happened last week on the 20th of June at Rumours Lounge in Guateng, South Africa. The nominees and winners are listed below:

  • Best Metal Video:
    -Adorned in Ash – Broken Glass
    -Terminatryx – Shadow
    -Octanium ft Cash- Bullets
    -Yesterday Never Dies- We are The Damned
    -Crow Black Sky – Stars of God
    -Man as Machine – Force Winner

  • Best Live Act:
    -Boargazm Winner
    -Red Helen
    –Facing the gallows
    -With Dawn

  • Best Thrash Metal:
    -Junkyard Lipstick
    -My Columbine
    -Carnage Carnival Winner
    -Dark Matter

  • Best Core:
    -Red Helen
    -Zombies Ate My Girlfriend Winner
    -Freedom For Your Life

  • Best Progressive Metal:
    -Poverty Of Ideals Winner
    –Savage Lucy

  • Best Death Metal:
    -Adorned In Ash Winner
    -The Warinsane
    –Mind Assault
    -Maximum Carnage
    -The Fallen Prophets

  • Best Black Metal:
    -Theater Runs Red Winner
    -Spectral Realm
    -Demogroroth Satanum
    –Nebula Disrupt

  • Best Nu-Metal:
    -Boargazm Winner
    -Arc Reactor

  • Best New Comer:
    -The Overmind
    -Messiah Complex Winner
    -Goat Throne
    -Demogroroth Satanum

  • Best Metal Album:
    -Boargazm – The Baconing Winner
    -Zombies Ate My Girlfriend- Retrocide
    -Megalodon – Darkness in Sonance
    -Vulvodynia – Cognizant Castigation
    -Bloodbeast – Out For Blood

Congratulations to all the winners!

Source: SA Metal Music Awards Winners – Connect – Connect

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