Why hate on what people are listening to?

Hi, it’s Austin from AudioInferno towers.

Rant begins.

So I will be talking about how people rant about bands. Talking carelessly about how bands are Satanic and all just from the name alone and they haven’t actually listened to the music before, it strikes me as odd, it really does. For example, I was listening to As Hell Retreats on my way home so a woman sitting near me on the bus asks me why I was listening to that kind of song, I mean with the name, a normal person would think about fire and ingredients so I tell her it is a Christian rock band, actually it’s a Christian Metalcore band, she mellowed down but still shifted a bit from me. I’m guessing she thought the song will be used in a Zombie apocalypse to revive dead souls. Sigh.

This brings me to this, why do people insult other people’s opinion about their bands or what they love? If you love a band, if their songs get to you, if you like them for how they sound, then keep it to yourself, don’t wonder about anybody else’s opinion. OK, I love Amon Amarth, I know some peeps would wanna have my head… Lol, some peeps would also say the lyrical content of some bands decreases your I.Q, possibly your entire generation’s intelligence decreases, too. Sigh, SO WHAT?


What happened to the so what, who cares spirit?

Who cares? Lets take a look at this scenario. Monkey 1 says Iron Maiden is the greatest, then Monkey 2 says Megadeth is prime. They begin to argue and insult each other. Then Monkey 3 comes and tell us the two bands are great bands but they have passed their prime and he says Coldplay is the best. LOL, three monkeysillies, like who has time for unnecessary arguments, I have serious things to do than to rant on what and what’s not (Editor’s note: Considering the nature of this post, I find this ironic). Don’t get me wrong here, people who are not into rock and all, they wear Rock shirts, they dress all Emo and Gothic and these people are not Rock fans, this doesn’t mean you have to wait for him or her in the neighbourhood and beat them up, if you can’t deal or something, go to the cave and complete your years, remove yourself from the society .

What I’m saying is that people have different opinions, preferences, tastes and you’ve got to respect that. I know some people will be uncomfortable with that concept. At the end of it all, what really matters is what you like and what you listen to, nothing else matters there afterwards, because people today can be so judgemental and to be frank, it pisses me off.


During my years growing up as a rocker, I listened to Sevendust, I love that band. At times, I go to Facebook and update my status and I will be reading the posts in a Sevendust style. Now and then, I listen to metal music while reading and it seemed to work for me. Different things work for people, you know, my point here is that some peeps here (in Nigeria) put crazy status on what you listening to. As soon as you put on a track and they see the suspicious looking album art and all, then the ranting begins, they say all kind of shit, that ain’t cool.

People also hate on bands because of their fanbase or if they have a large audience at their shows, why is it giving you headache? For instance, 30 Seconds to Mars, most of their fanbase are women. Maybe you listen to the band before, then your friends tell you they love the band and you start hating on them just like that, was the band supposed to be your secret diamond or what, I don’t get it. Be bringing unnecessary problems for yourself  .

Hating on bands is just pretty useless and is pointless to me, it means you have a thing for negativity, it’s in you, all in there unless you stop saying shit about them, keep it to yourself or you can actually use that time and energy used for hating to actually support them. Go out and buy their albums. Attend their shows, African bands (and foreign ones, too) need support and not unnecessary hate.

hatersFaaaam, don’t be like this.

Rant over.


Name is Austin, peeps call me Austinrock. I like to interact with bands. You DO NOT have my permission to utilize any of my profile information nor any of the content contained here \m/{*¿*}\m/ …THERE…OK. I’m a huge Melodeath metal fan. I’m proud to be a METALHEAD. Metal isn’t for everybody, it’s for the chosen few. Most friends I have tell me they don’t understand why I like metal, that it is too much noise. They just going to have to listen beyond the noise and the truth is they don’t have to figure it out, it is either in you or it isn’t. Metal is my morning coffee and it’s my night sleeping pills…

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