A powwow with In Oath

In Oath

We had a powwow with In Oath, a Death Metal band from Nairobi Kenya. These fellas know how to rock out and we love the enthusiasm. Check it out, listen to their music and drop your thoughts on what they had to say…

AudioInferno: Suuuuuuuuuuuuup?? Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. So who are IN OATH? And what’s the concept behind the name?

Members Of the Band! From left: Christopher, Douglas and Larry

In Oath: In Oath are Douglas – Vocals, Larry – Drums and Christoper – Guitar and the concept originated from doing what we love to do and being committed to it.

AI: So how did y’all start out?

IO: We started out jamming to some jams then later deciding to start the band. We really liked playing other artist’s music so it was only natural for us to make our own.

AI: What was it that inspired you to not just bang your heads to heavy music, but to pick up the axes and wardrums and induce the desire to MOOOOOSH!!*insert breakdown here*

IO: Our influences vary, We started out listening to rock then got influenced by metal in the process through video games etc. I’m sure most of us pay homage to rock music to get into the heavier stuff.

AI: What subjects do your songs cover?

IO: Right now our subjects vary from the state of humanity to survival in this world among other themes. We try portray what makes all of us human and the terrors and surprises we face.

AI: How do y’all go about the writing process?

IO: First Christopher conjures some riffs then Larry gets some drumwork going then Douglas gets in the Zone on lyrics. Everything moulds together after.

AI: Are you an Indie band or are you under a record label? how is it working out for you?

IO: We’re not under a label so at the moment we release on our own. Christopher has a mastering studio called Yagami mastering in Canada so that’s were we produce our music.

AI: So I saw this video, a live performance of Freedomination (Ps: the stance your vocalist took reminds me of the ORACLE OF THE DEAD music vid by AS THEY SLEEP (pss: Cool band)) So as a random guy who came across that video, I’m wondering what your plans are… you know, with tours and release dates and stuff.

IO: Well at the moment our live shows are mostly pre determined because one of the members lives across the ocean but when plans come through we plan to do a number of shows. Next month we release our album and we plan to market the heck out of it even so in our situation.

AI: Have you recorded any EPs or Albums? what about audio files on the Internet? And where can we, the consumers, get ’em?

IO: We have, our first EP Eulogy available here. The album will also be available in Bandcamp for downloads.

AI: Have you had any crazy experiences during a live performance?

IO:Haha yeah, a couple. Each of us have our own.

AI: Have you had any previous print or broadcast media exposure or reviews?

IO: Yes, we were fetured on our country’s magazine at one point which was pretty awesome. Among other mentions on county newspapers.

AI: So, do you guys handle your social media promotion yourselves or is there a person who has made it his mission to make you trend on twitter?

IO: Yes, we mostly do most of the stuff on our own because we can’t hire people to do it and for that to happen we need someone we can trust and at the moment the trust circle is kinda small.

AI: Funding your music can’t be easy. How are you guys making it work?

IO: We work, we use whatever little resources we have to do our music because we love doing what we do.

AI: Who handles your daily business activities (Bookings, promotions etc.)?

IO: Us.

In Oath band

AI: Oh, before I forget, which bands do you guys listen to?

IO: We listen to loooots, we’d have to write a list to do that.

AI: Did these bands influence on your current sound?

IO: Yes, some if not most. Since we play death metal, we listen to bands along that genre but also anything that sounds good we listen to which definitely influences our music.

In Oath are working on songs for their upcoming album THE BREAD OF DISPOSITION destined to be released sometime in 2015. We’re looking forward to it here at AudioInferno and will be doing an album review as soon as it drops.

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