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The rock music scene in Africa has been gaining ground and building momentum over the last couple of years. Bands are springing up from literally everywhere North, West, East and South Africa alike and it seems like many people are getting bolder about doing what they love without fear of acceptance or the need for commercial compromise.

As we celebrate growth in the Metal, Post-Hardcore and Hard Rock scene; I’ll love to shine a light on a couple of bands doing amazing work on the Indie Rock front simply because it’s all about the art with Rock and I sincerely believe these bands are doing justice to the art.

First, we check out ‘THE ARROWS’, a duo from Durban South Africa. The duo comprises of Pan De Menezes who is a classically trained Jazz musician and Christie Desfontaine who is a hard rock lover that plays the drums. Together they create an awesome Indie Rock/Pop sound that is comparable to house hold names like Florence + the Machine, Imogen Heap and Daughter. I most certainly hope I get the opportunity to see them live someday because seeing their live videos was quite the experience for me. For anyone who wants to give them a try, just listen to ‘Lovesick’ believe me it’s amazing.

Secondly, from Cape Town South Africa we take a look at ‘CIVIL TWILIGHT’ a four piece Indie/Alternative Rock Band consisting of brothers Andrew and Steven McKellar, Richard Wouters and Kevin Dailey. Standing strong since 2005 with 2 Studio albums (a third album on the way this July) and being compared to likes of icons like Radiohead and drawing influences from bands like The National; I dare say that this is one of the most under-rated bands of our time. My first encounter with the band was from the TV series ‘Harper’s Island’ where the song ‘Letters From the Sky’ (a must listen for anyone reading this) was played. The song haunted me for days and I simply had to find out who they were. Needless to say my first shock was that they were South African, because in all honesty I had concluded they were American or British. This little incident made me hunt for more and more of their material and I’ve been hooked ever since.

In conclusion, amazing things are happening in this continent for everyone in the family of Rockers no matter your genre preference; all you need to do is to seek and you really would find. Most importantly, I’ll like to encourage us to support our artists in the best way that we can because they really do need our support. I’m not saying the bands I’ve spoken about are not recognized worldwide because they are; Civil Twilight has toured with some really big names in the Indie Rock industry and The Arrows have made their mark too; what I’m saying though is that these bands shouldn’t feel more at home outside than in their own continent, they should be able to tour Africa and get the same respect and recognition they would get when they tour overseas. I’m not saying we are there yet and neither am I saying it will happen in a day, all I’m saying is that it all starts with our support. What do you think?

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