Audio Inferno Podcast Episode 18

I won’t lie here, I am a bit of a dick when it comes to trying new bands and albums but with the line of work here, that shouldn’t be. I can always be a dick even when I want to be.


Usually, I go searching for bands no one talks about, reason’s simple, these guys are hungry for the spot they know they deserve and for this reason they usually have good materials out there. That’s kinda how I discovered Savage Messiah ages ago and this little band called Arcana XIII (both bands need to be added to your damn playlist.)

a0610068978_16And so Skippy Duran decided to be open minded again, ad so I searched and I Found Thou, now what got me hooked on these guys? Their album art work. For those who don’t know me, the greatest piece of literature I ever read is The Divine Comedy by Dante Aligehri. Now Dante’s master piece was illustrated by Gustave Dore. Now one of the illustrations of Dore happens to be the album art of one of Thou’s album, Heathen. I saw that, I flipped. Had to have the album, got it, t’was insane and there we are!

Poverty of Ideals so happens to be a band we featured on the site, we know them here and we also know they are fucking great. IF Progressive Metal is your forte, then look no further than these guys, they also have a new album out titled Chasing Infinity. I will personally be paying money for this album here in hopes that it’ll be better than Barrier, which blew me away I should add here.


So, I took the liberty of playing two song each from both bands and from the same album. A little publicity won’t hurt these guys, no.

  1. Feral Faun -by- Thou
  2. Loop Holes -by- Poverty of Ideals
  3. Into the Marshlands -by- Thou
  4. Sky Trigger -by- Poverty of Ideals

The songs here, happen to be my fav two song from both albums (Thou’s Heathen & Poverty of Ideals’s Barrier.) Both bands are pretty darn sweet if you ask me here, you think I’m kidding, go on then, download or stream the podcast why don’t you, hmm?



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