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Lelahell is a name derived from Lelahel the 6th angel, believed to belong to the chorus of the cherubs. The angel is referred to as the guardian angel of those born between 5th of April and 9th of April. This angel has the venusian power, prevalent, the embellishment of anything. By this angel the person will be able to emphasize natural beauty, have a good health, be happy in love, make of good deals, pass scientific exams, and make a life. This Algerian Death Metal band took the name Lelahel and added another ‘l’ to form the band name ‘Lelahell’. Lelahell consist of Lelahel the founder of the band who happens to be the Vocalist and guitarist, Nihil who joined the band in 2012 is the bassist, and SlaveBlaster who also joined in 2012 is the drummer. Lelahell released an EP in 2010 titled Al Intissar. This EP was widely received in Algeria and other parts of North Africa. They are still an active band and this was their first full length album called “Al Insane… The (Re) Birth of Abderrahmane”.

Lelahell follows a style of heavy metal, they have a platform of thrash and death metal and then they add-on different styles of music. Just take a look at the track titles and you can begin to imagine how the music sounds like. The tempos are not flowing in the songs, the instruments are heavy and vocals sounds like a mix of Phil Anselmo (Pantera) and James Hetfield (Metallica). The music is very hard to understand and get into, if you are not used to this type of music, you might find a hard time getting into them. The album packs more ingredients of death metal than of the more experimental stuff. “Al Insane… The (Re) Birth of Abderrahmane” is a success for the band considering, it’s their first full length album and fans of death or thrash metal would be satisfied by this album.


I think that Lelahell sounds like a mix between the two singers I mentioned earlier, the vocals are low, dark and harsh, nearly growling vocals. This is not skilled vocal work, there are no melodic moments in the vocals except in a very few small sections in some of the songs. But the vocals make the band very heavy in its sound though. The guitarist Lelahel does a good job on the rhythm sections, the riffs are very heavy and sometimes catchy, you can hear that the riffing is thrash-metal inspired because of the complexity and structure. The guitar solos are though, an absolute disaster, it doesn’t even sound like the solos are played on a guitar. The solos have a bad flow, non-catchy and not even close to melodic stuff. Nihil the bassist is one of the members that really stood out with his instrument, the bass is superb in this album even though it is playing along the guitars. The bass sounds very heavy, brutal and quite mechanic in its sound, it really stands out when it comes to the sound. The bass helps to form the brutal and heavy atmosphere on this album, very good performance here.  SlaveBlaster’s drumming didn’t feel OK with me here; the patterns had a complicated structure though few of the patterns were worth noting. The drums were quite heavy from time to time but most of the time it felt weird, non-catchy and nearly boring. If the drum speed was raised with several bpm’s, the songs would’ve been way better if you ask me. I liked that the album was very heavy, the doomsday bass and dense riffing and shredding created a very gloom and devastating sound along with the brutal vocals. I also liked the way the band created this unique sound that they have, the complexity in the songs was more interesting rather than entertaining, but there was a couple of songs that grabbed my attention pretty good. Songs like Al Intissar, Kalimet Essir and Hillal was faster than most of the songs and they had catchy song structure and very heavy tunes. The vocals were quite brutal and interesting at the same time, and it gave some extra flavour to the sound. The band felt a bit extreme and the attitude was a bit bad ass, most times Lelahell delivers harsh and dark singing but he also lets out a few very deep growls here and there.

Unfortunately, there are more things that are bad than good for me when I listen to this album. One thing that really bugged me was the drum patterns in the songs, they were heavy but there was no real flow in any of the songs. When you felt that the drums went faster, they it suddenly lost the speed and started to ”get stuck’’; this really ruined most of the songs and made them boring. Another thing that struck me was the guitar solos; I have never heard solos this bad in my entire life. It didn’t even sound like a guitarist was performing the solos, it sounded like computer edited noises instead of guitar strings. It was though one single solo or maybe two solos that sounded like a real guitar but the rest sounded like crap. The instruments basically followed each other, because when the drums started to get stuck, the other instruments also seemed to get stuck, no real cohesion among the instrumentalists.

I remember when I first listened to this album and I thought then that it sounded a bit weird, but now that I have listened to it again and again, I thought it sounded very weird. It was both good and bad but from my part this was more bad than good. The biggest reasons to why I think this album was bad, was the strange drum patterns and the guitar solos but other than that I think this is a pretty decent album.

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