Does Rock have a presence at this year’s MTV Africa Music Awards?



At least, in the form of just one band, Prime Circle. Which isn’t so bad, I guess. After all, the previously existing Alternative category has been collapsed into Pop & Alternative, so it’s hardly surprising to see only one band there. Am I unhappy? Yes, very. However, I think the problem is more with African bands than with MTV. MTV just plays whatever is popular and will nominate accordingly. This should be a wake up call to African bands. More needs to be done.  What exactly can be done? Well, for one there needs to be more music released and a bigger effort to get this music out to the masses. I’m not saying this isn’t being done, I’m just saying that more should be done. Just looking at the current proliferation of hardcore hip hop championed by the likes of Phyno, AKA, Sarkodie and Olamide shows that music no one thought would sell, can. If no one really tries, then we’re never going to find out.

We here at AudioInferno will do our best to support the Rock/Metal movement in Africa. We shall succeed if everyone joins in pushing it forward.

Oh, before I forget, here’s the nominated South African band, Prime Circle, with their song Doors. This video was also nominated for Video Of The Year.

SourceMAMA Nominees

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