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Oh damn you Progressive Metal. Why you hide from me for so long like this!
Poverty Of Ideals recently caught my attention and just like that I’m a sucker for their Barrier album. It’s not just a good album it’s a an eye opener for me who’s so set on certain genres of Metal. I’m a bit off a tight ass really so, for most it will be a huge surprise seeing me write about listening to Progressive Metal.

Sky-Trigger I‘ by the said band seem to be the one song that keeps popping up in my mind when I’m not listening to the Barrier album. And the way it is with me, I’ll always go looking for the song. The song forces me to rage, and that’s not something that happens often bla bla bla… Not going to break the song down for you folks out there, this isn’t a review. Look for the song and love it like I do. This so happens to be my SONG OF THE WEEK.

A link to the Barrier album by Poverty Of Ideals.


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