Playlist: It’s Monday again! Here’s a playlist to brighten up your day


It’s that dreaded time of the week again, Monday. I know many of you are already looking forward to the weekend (while others, masochists, wish the week would stretch out some more).

So here’s a random playlist to start it off!

We start with the rather catchy Ogadisinma by Nigerian rocker, Clay. Nothing quite brightens up a dreary Monday like some feel good music. This is Clay’s first music video. West Africa!!!!!

Then we drift to South African rockers, Kongos. I like this tune a lot. Take me back my friend (weekend).

We move straight up North to female-fronted Alternative Metal band Persona from Tunisia. This song is gorgeous and reminds me of some of the bigger Symphonic Metal bands. Extremely catchy tune and I love the way they integrated local Tunisian flavour.

East Africa stand up! Last Year’s Tragedy from Nairobi, Kenya are next. I don’t need to say much here. Just listen and be blessed.

We end how we started. With Clay again but this time, she’s brought 1LastAutograph along for the ride! We are going doooowwwwnnnnnnn!

If this playlist hasn’t brightened up your Monday morning then you, my friend, need more than we can offer you here at AudioInferno (an extended vacation, perhaps?)

Stay tuned to AudioInferno for the rest of the week as we’ve got a lot of posts coming up.

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