Something’s cooking at the 1lastAutograph camp



Maybe you guys missed it but we didn’t. 1LastAutograph put up a couple of videos on their Instagram page a couple of days ago. Interesting stuff this. Honestly though we aren’t sure if it’s something new from their end but it’s fun to see them play still. We are currently waiting on them to do something new again. With a sick band set up like theirs, they should be whipping albums after albums constant. Wait, is that too much to ask for? Maybe, maybe not. Ahhh, who cares.

In case you missed out on who these guys are, shame on you over there. Here’s their cover of BankW’s Yes/No. which sounds a lot better than the original, we say so at AudioInferno. (It rhymes so it’s bloody well legit)

Lol… so @jud_ahr tot he could rap… #rockband #rockstar #metal #music #rap #freestyle

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After rehearsal fun… #freestyle #rockband #metal #music … 1la baaabbbbyyyyyyy!!!

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Be sure to follow them too on their Instagram page and check out their band page for more details and music.


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