Remembering Arcana XXII


Long hair, really, really long hair!!!! I think the good folks of Namibia must be feeling super lucky to have had a band like Arcana XXII. I mean a legitimate Heavy Metal band. Not a fusion, I’m talking the real deal. My First experience with Arcana XXII was… well, I honestly don’t remember to be honest, wasn’t paying that much attention. I do remember thinking though:



The sad news is this, Arcana XXII doesn’t exist anymore. The good news though, their music does. It’s the age of the internet… music doesn’t vanish when a band does. I’m a sucker for Heavy Metal so when a band in Africa does it at its finest (or purest) I have to pay attention.

For those of you who love the trivia of it all, Arcana XXII had the following members:

Johann Smit – Vocals
Sven Heussen – Guitars
Sigi Mueller – Bass
Johan de Jager – Guitars
Thomas Hoffmann – Drums

Previous Members:

Robert Scott – Bass
David West – Drums
Henning Du Toit – Bass
Arved Staby – Drums


If a band’s having “previous members” you get the feel they must have been here a while and you’d be right to think so, they started off in 1997. How many albums did they have? We’ll it’s kinda hard to say. I noticed they had a demo, and EP and a compilation and three albums… I guess they had… six albums?

Lord knows why they disbanded but they left behind a kick ass cast of songs (for me to drool over.) To be super honest, I am not so sure why I’m putting together this article, I guess I’m just sad such a milestone band’s no more, *sob* it hurts my soul. Someone convince these guys on a comeback or a reunion or something… GAWD!

HAIL to ARCANA XXII…etc, etc, etc.


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