AudioInferno Pocast Episode 19

Picture a moment where you suddenly realize there are a ton of bands out there, in Africa that can actually compete with a lot of bands you know. Seems crazy huh, I know but what If, what if I played a couple of these bands here on the podcast just so you’d hear what I’m talking about. Boy was I naïve. And perhaps you are too. But it’s OK now, I’m here. There, there, don’t be sad…

Pending the time we amass our insane collection of African rock catalog, we will be mixing things up a bit, a couple of song from here and there. So you guys don’t feel too left out, deal?

Happy holiday folks, I am particularly upset about the extension of this holiday season all the way to Monday. I had a Visa interview on that day and it got shifted to the deepest future, hoorah for the government I guess. Still, a holiday is a holiday and you guys need songs to love within this period yea, that’s why I’m here, no? Yes?

  1. Eulogy -by- IN OATH
  2. Angel Of Mercy -by- Black Label Society
  3. Lay Low -by- My Morning Jacket
  4. Shark Attack -by- Varga
  5. Wide Shut -by- Myrath

Super proud to announce that both the first and last bands are from Africa. Yet another reason y’all should take a decent look at African bands. They are worth it really.

Another announcement too, there will be a Rock show/gig/party etc. coming up pretty soon. We will have full details on that pretty soon so watch out for that. Something to look forward to eh?

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