Playlist: Ramadan holidays


So it’s Monday again and time for another random playlist. Being Ramadan, we decided to focus on bands from a country with prominent Muslim populations in today’s playlist. Enjoy!

We start with Tinariwen from Mali. These fellas have won a Grammy and are one of the older bands having been formed way back in 1979!

We move on to Chimiraz from Morocco. Just look at the awesome font! Jokes aside, this fellas just disappeared off the grid. 🙁

Nothing quite gets one in the holiday spirit like some good, old Death Metal from Tunisia! With a name like Brood Of Hatred, you just know these guys are bringing the joy and happiness! Love this track, by the way. Wish someone carried around a torch in that video, though. Wonder how people could see anything…

I realise I had this exact same song last week but darn it, I like this song. Deal with it. Persona is a female fronted band from Tunisia (just to show it’s not all doom and gloom in Tunisia if Brood of Hatred happened make you think that).

Algerian band Lelahell had their album reviewed by us recently. Check it out here. This song is off the album.

Then we have Promised Dawn from Egypt with their track Jerusalem.

And so, like all good things, this playlist comes to an end. Stay tuned to AudioInferno for the rest of this week (and for eternity, since we’re on the subject) for more on African bands…


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