Boring, Boring Tuesday

Tuesday’s always like this for us here at AudioInferno; dead, boring, slow. It’s on days like this we go on the Internet and look up cat videos, funny cat videos. You can hardly go wrong with that really. Its easy entertainment just waiting to be had. Days like Tuesdays are made for gazing mindlessly at a PC screen looking for entertaining things on the Internet…blah, blah, blah.

Well, we found a couple of interesting videos and some gif pics, hopefully, they’ll prove somewhat interesting and hold this dead day steady for someone out there…. Ugh, Tuesdays huh:

1. Who can name this band here, we see only the guitarist. if you know the band, name them in the comment section and feel like a dwee….err, we mean a trivia queen.

2. With out a doubt the best thing we saw, and it involves cats, obviously!

3. this here’s personal to me…


5. Coolest parrot ever! (not so clear though…)

6. Everyone’s favorite we hear, NANA NANA BATMAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!

7. Kid’s going places for sure.

8. This guy here!


And there you have it. Some of these videos (and gifs) are helping us get by this drab day… what a day, WHAT, A, DAY!


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