Band Of the Week: Arcana XXII (RIP)



Hello Humans,

Last week AxlPif was hyped about the band, Arcana XXII. So much so that they are our band of the week. Now, I’ve known AxlPif for years. And in all those years, he has NEVER been hyped about a band that started in the mid or late 90’s. NEVER…!! So, imagine my surprise when he sounds stoked about a band.

So, I gave them a listen (I’m actually still listening to them…right now….as I write this.). And I have to give it to them. They’re cool. I want to say they sound like a thrash metal band, but I think AxlPif called them HEAVY METAL. You know, the old school, traditional style of metal.

The way the songs sound have this edgy feel. It’s almost like they recorded the instruments in the studio and did NOTHING ELSE to enhance the sound. Now, to some that would be a bad thing. But I don’t see it that way. I used to, until I started listening to extreme metal. Most Extreme metal bands I have listened to are all “Underground” bands. They usually don’t bother with computer enhanced sound the way a number of more popular bands do (I’m not against the use of computers to enhance the sound. However, when it’s done to the point that the sound can’t be replicated live, BLEH!!!!!)

The Raw gritty sound makes ARCANA’ sound very authentic. It doesn’t take much to figure out how they would sound live. And I’m sure traditional metal heads will agree.

Bands come and go. This applies to both the good and the BLEH!!! What matters is what you leave behind when you go. I can tell you that these guys left good music behind for their die-hard fans to jam and potential fans to discover and enjoy.


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