AudioInferno Podcast Episode 20 [Band Focus: SLAYER]


Consider this a tribute to a band that hasn’t changed much in terms of style and delivery; right down from the lyrical content and theme to the blistering madness of the rhythm guitar play of King Kerry to the overly ridiculous furiousity (not a fully recognized word apparently) of Jeff Hanneman’s solos. May the good Lord bless his crazy soul, RIP to him. Tom Araya, perhaps the real soul of this band, his voice sometimes inaudible (to mere mortals) delivers always while wielding a fucking bass guitar?! And let’s not forget Dave Lombardo on freaking drums… I will not say anything about Dave Lombardo on freaking drums. The band has had a change in line up though with Hanneman passing away and Lombardo leaving the band. Ugh!!!! Slayer represents what I hope my band can sound like when I actually get to float one or probably produce one.

Everything about these guys screams madness. You hear them play they haunt your sweet dreams. Is this a band thing, I don’t know. What do you feel? Every time I get on stage to play during these smalls gig I have done, I always turn to these guys for some inspiration! Yes, Metallica is my fav band but Metallica isn’t Slayer. Oh no sir.

I gathered a couple of song by these guys and I urge you to “watch out for your ears”

  1. Black Magic -by- Slayer
  2. Dead Skin Mask -by- Slayer
  3. War Ensemble -by- Slayer
  4. Season In the Abyss -by- Slayer
  5. Raining Blood -by- Slayer
  6. Criminally Insane-by- Slayer


Any true Slayer fan will be impressed with this here playlist of song so you can believe this is an initiation of some sort. By the end of the podcast, YOU WILL LOVE SLAYER, if you don’t like Thrash or Speed Metal, this is NOT the podcast for you.

Be sure to be at the gig tomorrow folks, you can bet AudioInferno will be representing in some way.

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