Skippy Duran’s Song Of the Week

A song might start a bit off with fans but the truth is, all songs deserve a chance. All. Most times it takes a second, third or fourth listen to like a song. It also helps when the song’s catchy.

Doing a cover for Godwin was a bold move by CLAY and like I said on my last review, she pulled it off easy. My criticism of the CLAY (not having a band, that I know of remains) and that annoying ass deceleration at the end (Coldflames beats) ugh! I predict a time in her future where that will be edited out. If not then meh! We will not take anything away from the effort as it remains a ballsy move. I’ve spent a decent amount of time debating on this song with some sensible people and they’re all saying the same thing:

“it’s a good song…”

Word reaching us is some good man out there did his rock cover of this same song too. COVER WARS!!!!!!!

It’s a damn catchy song and the guys at AudioInferno agree with me. Your personal criticism of the song should be shelved for a moment, ignore mine if you must and enjoy the song. It’s catchy and it’s my Song Of the Week.


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