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XTSamurai and his band

Good Day to you all, Humans

We are back again to bring you another band of the week expo. This time, it’s Nigeria’s very own Samurai, slashing his way from the underground to you all. XTSAMURAI!!!

*Insert Samurai Jack Soundtrack here* because REASONS

The Nigerian samurai, a.k.a. John Igbinovia, is one of the rock artists I discovered on one of my random explorations of the Twitter-verse. I will confess, I didn’t listen to him back then. I don’t know why. Whatever the reason, I finally got to hear XTS this year, LIVE. Yup. My first rock show and I get to hear XTS LIVE. Shout out to ROCK NATION for making M&R happen and bringing him over. The first song they performed was a Linkin Park Cover, NUMB, which got the attention of the audience (For obvious reasons! I mean it’s Linkin-bloody-Park!!). I don’t remember the name of the other song XTS performed, but I know it was an original song. All things considered, I can say XTS live presence is at least above average. For all I know, XTS is killer live, but I can’t really judge because I was a bit distracted. Meeting people you haven’t seen in two or more years at a rock show/party will do that to you.

Then there’s their sound. My rock sense tell me it’s alternative rock with a little bit of hard rock. A LITTLE. If I were to think of a band they remind me of, I would say they remind me of WE AS HUMANS with less distortion and more acoustic. Not just because both bands have Christian themes in their songs (Although, that too might be why) but because of the song structure and the energy. That’s the impression I got from this song, anyway.

Now this song, AIYE, I like. It almost feels indie rock. But it’s got the traditional drums in the mix which is STELLAR STUFF, in my opinion. He should keep doing that. Then there’s the bridge towards the end of the song that has this old school Jazz-ness to it. Also a good thing, in my not-so-humble opinion.

This goes to show that rock can be pushed to new realms with talking drums and the likes. Maybe we can even make some kind of signature sound. Those of you who have listened to Japanese bands enough will notice how they’ve owned rock and made it their own. Sure they don’t always use their own traditional instruments, but you hear a JRock song, YOU KNOW ITS A JROCK SONG. When you hear an European band, specifically a band from the Scandinavian countries, sing death metal, you’ll notice it’s more eerie and intense than their American counterparts. At least that’s the impression I have.

I’ll say it again, adding talking drums to the list of instruments we use in our rock songs isn’t just some good idea. It’s a great idea. And it seems the samurai knows this.

Anyway, that’s it for now on the Nigerian Samurai. Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out his band page for more details as well as an earlier interview.

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