Who the heck embarks on a 40 Day Journey?

Melodic Hardcore is an interesting sub-genre really as it is complex. You love how it rings in your ear but when you get to playing the way bands do, you begin to understand the complexity of it all, you go further appreciating when a band plays this sub-genre. You begin to appreciate the damn hard work that goes into it… It’s a freaking complicated genre, and the speed of the riffs gets you thinking the guitarist has bout ten fingers on one hand, if only things were that way, no?

Perhaps you heard of 40 Day Journey, perhaps no. We here feel you should so we scored an interview with them, per usual, you are welcome. I heard them play right after my buddy told me about them, the very first song I heard was Narcolepsy. Hard to pronounce perhaps but when you do listen to that song you instantly get what the band is about… “Insane drumming mixed with the gravel laced guitar riffs merged firmly with that monstrous vocal.” Gosh, noticed how they always seem to put in those Pinch Harmonics at the right time too. Well that’s how I’d describe them, but I’m just one guy.

Naturally, after our curiosity here at AudioInferno, we had to get an interview with these guys, 40 Day Journey. A pretty sweet 3-piece band. Everyone deserves to know about them we reckon. We weren’t messing around so we jumped head first into the interview:

AudioInferno: Alrighty guys, tell us how was the band formed?

40 Day Journey: We all grew up together, same nursery school, primary school and high school for a while. Murray and Kyle are cousins so they have known each other for a long time but we all started playing our instruments together about 10 years ago and have been the same three guys jamming ever since.

AI: So, could you tell us a little about the band then?

40DJ: We love to make music that we love to play with influences from everything we hear. We love all kinds of music from hardcore all the way to blues and Shaun loves his techno and we feel that it all comes out in our songs, except for Shaun’s techno.

Just so you know the band has a good sense of humour, honestly that should be a requirement for all bands, ALL!!!!!!

AI: You get the feeling all bands have some form of ambition when they start, wanna tell us yours?

40DJ: To rule the world with the power of music, running it with an iron fist and enforcing that only good music is made and played.





AI: Ok then, who writes the music in the band, all of you? None of you, c’mon, be honest guys…

40DJ: We all have a hand in it but Murray is the main man, bringing all the new riffs and lyrics and he then tells us what to play and we play it…so Murray writes all the songs.

AIOK now, imagine a couple of folks reading this don’t know nothing about the way you guys sound, what will you tell them, describe your kind of music to them.

40DJ: Melodic hardcore with a hint a blues, a dash of funk and a pinch of breakdowns.

We’re thinking people (some) won’t still get it that way, you’d have to hear them

AI: We are guessing you guys are from someplace, so tell us where are all the band members from? /Who does what in the band, by that we mean who plays what?

40DJ: We all from the West Rand, Johannesburg, South Africa, some further west than others.

Murray Ellison – Guitar and vocals

Kyle Kirk – Drums

Shaun Laubscher – Bass

AI: We’re super curious here, what do you guys fear most when you hop on stage?

40DJ: Our pants falling down, an alien invasion, people realizing Shaun actually can’t play bass and has no rhythm. Standard fears

Fair enough!

AI: Let’s talk albums, albums, albums. You guys have any?

40DJ: We have an EP out called ‘Constrictor’ which has fives tracks on it and is available for free on our Reverbnation (already provided above)and we are currently recording at Metrognome Studios.

AI: We’re dying to know here, best and worst gig you’ve played?

40DJ: We have played some mental shows at Rumours where people were going bananas and that is the best feeling on earth.

Our worst show was at this venue and literally everything stuffed out, Shaun broke Murray’s lead, Kyle was on this weird stage a meter higher than us and the sound was nasty to say the least.

AI: How often do you rehearse?

40DJ: 2 – 3 times a week for an hour or two

AI: What’s the first step you take when making a new song?

40DJ: Generally it starts with a riff or idea from Murray as a back bone and we fill in the muscles and skin as the song goes along.

AI: We know all bands have some form of obstacle in their way, we feel you guys aren’t exempted from this inevitability, tell us, what your band’s biggest obstacle is?

40DJ: Working during the day to make money to spend on the band.

AI: Finally guys, you may not know this but there are and will be other bands (the newcomers, beginners) looking up to you guys, for some form of advice, so what do you have for them?

40DJ: The hard work happens behind closed doors, so enjoy the time on stage, because there is no point in doing it if you hate it!

Good guys, good music too. Worth the check too folks. You’re already on the internet so why don’t you look up their song. We have here and we are excited about them.

Stay tuned to AudioInferno for more from bands all across the continent of Africa! Rock on \m/



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