DevilSpeak Got Us Wondering Out Loud

We confess, we know nothing of these guys…


‘And that concludes the entire story of it all’ is what we’d say if we weren’t so damn curious, especially after they contacted us recently. These guys are the biggest tease out there. We couldn’t find a song from them, it’s killing us here, and it’s killing me! They let us in on a snippet titled Violently Leading the Blind. (I really hate these newfangled snippet things) and boy it’s the most provoking tease ever but it get what they want done, ANTICIPATE!!!!!!

[Note] this also contains snippets from other bands that will be playing at WinterFest. So you should follow that trail.

Here’s the gist, the snippet is for their first single which they will release late this year. We are prepared to wait till then. So, screw it, we will wait. Now it gets better, turns out they will be playing at this year’s WINTERFEST 2015 and guess who’ll he opening… oh yea!!!!!!! Thing is, how is it that they will be opening a show when they don’t have a song out yet? Who’s gonna help us piece this annoying ass puzzle together?


We think it’s a big deal, really and we hope for something insane from these guys. We ask you guys to try out their snippet and see why we’re pretty excited about them. Oh yea, turns out they’re following me on Instagram so I’m all super psych’d about them and all, safe to say I’m a fan already… just from listening to ONE snippet?

You know, going through their Instagram page it seem’s they’ve played along side other bands. So, these bands know how they sound better than we do. That’s so not fair. Any way be sure to follow them on their Instagram page, they got some really good pics up there. And also, check out their Facebook page too. And oh, what’s this? They’re on Twitter too?


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