Skippy Duran’s Song Of the Week

“I’ve waited for you to come, I’ve been here all alone.Now that you’ve arrived please stay a while.I promise I won’t keep you long, I’ll keep you forever”

First sentence you hear in Slayer’s Dead Skin Mask. You get the feeling you’re lured in by a serial killer. You’re right! Very.

Right after I played this song on our last podcast, it struck me way more than the other songs. Every time Araya ended a sentence in the lyrics. I felt a weird tingle at the back off my neck. This isn’t the song you want to hear when home alone, or when you’re walking down an empty road!


The open riff gets you and that will ring in your heard long after you stop playing the song.

“Dance with the dead in my dreams

Listen to their hallowed screams

He dead have taken my soul

Temptations lost all control”


Jesus H. Christ! Araya delivers a vivid imagination of a serial killer in this song. The solo felt like the necceasy extension of the serial killer’s mind. I hear the solo and I’m picturing Richard Chase playing the guitar…

That can’t be right can it?!

Watch out for the end of the song… You hear kids, talking, asking…



Damn this song, it’s my song of the fucking week!


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