So right about now you must be wondering if we have a sequence on how we pick our interviews. We so don’t. There really isn’t any logic behind it, no idea board, no sit downs, nothing. We are fans, first. So we look for bands that get and nail, I repeat here, nail our attention.Fellow AudioInferno rascallion, Rukky, said he noticed a band, SKREAMER and he wanted an interview with them. He seemed excited about the prospect so I was like ‘fuck it’ why not. Pending the interview time I took a real closer look at the band and then… well, we have a video up there from their YouTube channel.


I get why Rukky was excited, so we damn well scored an interview with them ‘cos we wanted to know more dammit! A relatively new (wait a tick, we can’t call them starting in 2010, new. That’s five freaking years, they paid their dues) band and yes, we KNOW they aren’t Africans but we had questions to ask them and boy did they do us a huge solid.


You know what, read what Metal Hammer had to say about them:

“…Modern metal that’s seen them sell out venues at an impressive rate and carve a claim as the brightest prospect in the UK”. – Metal Hammer (June 2013 Print Edition)

Emphasis on the word “brightest.” Honestly, that isn’t a word that gets passed around in our line of work, so, you know…. Yaaay them.

With a current lineup of:

Samuel Morter – Lead guitar and vocals/
Serg Ronchetti – Bass guitar/
Steve Walker – Rhythm guitar/
Adam Kniveton – Drums

It’s a compact 4-piece band we have here. Enough with the continuous mish mash talk yea, let’s hear what they had to say.

AudioInferno: Firstly guys, we’re ecstatic to have you on here. We recently stumbled on ‘Awakening’ & ‘THIS IS WAR’ and they both got us moshing. We love it! Tell us a bit about what’s behind the songs.

Skreamer: Thank you so much, we are really glad you like them. As for the message in these songs, regardless of where you are in the World it seems to us, the poor keep on suffering because of policies they have no control over. We see ourselves as equal to everyone regardless of what we do. And that connection is very important in our music and lives. Some of us can’t or won’t face the truth and have spirit enough to carry on. But among us all are those who can’t.

Formed in the year 2010 (as stated before) the band was heading high until they lost their drummer and guitarist. Like… who does that. We need to respect the reasons for this but that’s not the sort of thing you want happening on a tour. Somehow they managed to finish the tour after recuperating. We like to think it was Hell for them.

AI: Now we feel this may be a difficult question to ask but we’ll ask them still, with the change in band line up and all. Does that affect the set up of the band, the sound the band is known for? How did you bounce back after the change?

SKRM: Bouncing back was the hardest thing we have done to date. We finished our gigs last year with stand in drummer and guitarist and then this year we took off completely to write and find the right replacements. That was hard, and we would like to thank all those who auditioned. The music is evolving naturally, you have to remember the average age in the band is 22 so more to come we hope.


AI:  Now your last Album, Blackened Earth now has a 5star rating on AmazonUK. We have seen reviews in blogs too and people love this album so we have to ask, what does it take to churn out a kick-ass album like that?

SKRM: Work, work and more work, we never stop, as a first album we were really pleased with the outcome and how it was received, we were as surprised as anyone. We are so fortunate to be able to play every day and have a studio which allows us the freedom to explore everything. My only advice could be, WANT IT ENOUGH AND WORK HARD.

This is the sort of thing bands dream of, first album, huge hit. Perhaps they have it easy or they’re pretty good. You decide when you get their album.

AI: How’s work on the new album coming up?

SKRMWriting the new album has been hard as we had to try and get our heads out of “Blackened Earth” and create something unexpected. A big ask after playing over 100 gigs a year with the first album, but it’s going ok and hopefully it will do as well as the first one.

Ok, ok, ok, ok pause for a moment… 100 gigs in a year? For a couple of guys with an average age of 22? What the shit yo, I can’t even score a drummer and a vocalist for my band here in Nigeria. Ugh. We had to get down to the real talk. We know for a fact Africa has a shit ton of bands that can stand toe to toe with the best so we tilted a bit toward a question related to Africa.

AI: Now we will divert a bit here guys, now. Africa has a massive community of Rock Music lovers. For all genres too. Any chance we’ll see you guys perform in the continent soon?

SKRM: Wow we would love to come to Africa, like anything though it’s getting the right contacts, and finding the money!! As we do everything ourselves, marketing, recording, playing, we burn through money fast, but we certainly will get there.

Really appreciate their honesty… as a Nigerian, I would love to see guys around my age do it like this, here in my backyard! No, literally.

AI: Do you guy listen to African bands? (If not you should)

SKRM: We have listened to bands from all over the World, and of course Africa too. I think it’s important for any band to listen to what’s going on everywhere.

Fair enough!

Now a lot has been said about how bands record their songs here in Nigeria. We here have criticized bands who don’t record the right way. We know how a Rock should be recorded here at AudioInferno, the skills and tricks even. We know a lot but we don’t know it all and so we ask questions. We won’t act like we know every damn thing. (Editor’s Note:- Wait. What! We don’t know everything?! My existence is a lie! 🙁 )


AI: Now we have a question that we feel a lot of bands, especially in Nigeria need to pay attention to. We know how hard it is to record a rock song, a Metal song most especially. We also know bands take a personal interest in the process too, you guys have any tips for the new bands reading this on how to record a “proper” rock song?

SKRM: Recording anything takes time and patience and a lot of FEEL, we will record a track and listen to it for weeks until we are happy with it. Finding ways to better yourself in anything is so important. If anything lets a song down for us, we don’t release it until we are 100% happy with it.


Bunch of awesome guys, doing their thing like they were born to. Skreamer is the band we feel you will be hearing a lot of sooner than you think. Perhaps their genre isn’t more your taste or perhaps you’re a bit of a hard ass (like me.) Truth is, you can’t take away the “awesome” from a band an outrageous amount of folks have labelled “a fucking awesome band.” You can try but we don’t envy your efforts none. They’ve already garnered endorsement from brands like Ibanez, Tama etc AND even won Best Moshpit 2013, given by TBFM. What more do you need to hear other than get out there and discover this band, you read the interview, well, what are you waiting on, a whistle?

Be sure to check out our other great interviews and remember to stick to AudioInferno for not just African Rock & Metal but also for bands that care about the continent, too. Rock on \m/


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