Band Of The Week: Last Year’s Tragedy

Hello, to you all males and females all over the globe. It’s Austin of AudioInferno.

It’s a brand new first week of August. Yeah, So we taking you to Kenya and the band of the week is Last Year’s Tragedy, amazing peeps I must say. Actually L.Y.T is the first band in East Africa I have listened to, this is a band that broke out from the underground, this band gave way to upcoming bands in Kenya, awesome I must say.

Now this is, in my opinion, one of the best bands in Kenya right now and soon they’ll be sharing the stage with other great rock bands from around Africa *brothers of metal and sisters of steels *

I and David the lead vocalist are pals, so along the line I asked him how he came to be known in a country that there were few rock bands. You know what he told me,,

It seemed like the natural thing to do

This answer inspired me, it should inspire you, too.

So how I came to know them is through a Rock group forum Rockaz World, they added a Kenyan dude to the forum so he was like Last Year’s Tragedy is the shit, then he sent Generation light.

Faaaaam! That’s the song I am listening to right now *repeats till fade*

I listened to all their songs in their album Challenge Accepted, unbelievable I must say.

Now this track,GENERATION LIGHT. Dang!!!! This is good stuff! I watched this video and boom, I’m a L.Y.T replay slave. In short, they are East Africa’s As I Lay Dying. Love the lyrics! It’s a powerful, brutal song with a sweet melody.

Okay, then there’s this song. This song gets to me, there is something about this track… Ahhh! Chill a bit, let me re-watch the video.

OK, video watched *screams peaceeeee*. Sick vocals from David… L.Y.T say they are not here by luck, NOO! It means they started from the bottom, now they are here. Towards the end of the song, you can sing along with them, that made me love the song more and more and the message passed in the song inspires you to not give up!!!

They are our band of the week!

You can catch up with Last year tragedy  on Facebook facebook, Twitter twitter and Bandcamp Here

Okay, watch out for our interview with them, stay tuned to AUDIOINFERNO for more on African bands from around the continent. What do you think of Last Year’s Tragedy? Drop a comment! Don’t be shy.


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