Playlist: Pretty Random

Stage One

Stage One

Hello, there! It’s time for another random playlist because it’s Monday (again). Today’s selection of songs, while completely random, do help to brighten up a rather rainy day (here in Abuja, Nigeria). Without further ado, to the list!

We start with Nuhu, the lead singer of Nigerian rock band, Stage One, with this acoustic rendition of their original song Carry Me. Carry me to the place! Don’t let me go…

I love this track. There’s no vocals just pure unadulterated awesomeness. This is Mortal Soul from Kenya and they’re incredibly talented. Sweet one!

We have the beautiful Betty Rock with her song Metechalehu. She’s repping Ethiopia with this rather catchy tune. I have absolutely no idea what she’s saying but I’m going to assume it’s really deep and inspiring…

Ah, Kongos. These guys know how to music. They music really well. Sigh. Come With Me Now from South African rock band Kongos reached number 16 on the Billboard Alternative Songs in 2013. This song was also used as OST in episode 13 of the first season of CW show “The Originals”.

Finally, we end today’s playlist with Egyptian Death Metal band Scarab. This is from a studio session.

Hope you enjoyed today’s playlist. Be sure to check out previous playlists as we try to highlight as much African Rock & Metal as we possibly can.


Remain locked to AudioInferno this week as we have a lot planned for y’all. Rock on \m/


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