(Poll) Who Will Represent US?!

Clay & 1LastAutograph performing at the last Metal & Romance concert


I hope this will be as controversial as I’ve pictured it in my mind. I hope people get angry with me too… I CAN TAKE ALL Y’ALL. Well may be not but I’m not the sort who’d run away from confrontations.

The Rock scene in Nigeria has been infused with life. A tiny dosage of it. Not enough also. Not enough but it is something. And that is all we need here, people who’d start something and so, I’ll pause for a moment and think happy thoughts about the bands doing Rock music in Nigeria…



Now then, as far as I know we only have two Rock acts (some of you will get why I didn’t use the word ‘Bands’) currently doing us super proud here. Not to downplay the efforts of the other bands but Nigerians have a short-term memory thing, you can very well be forgotten as quickly as you appeared.


1LastAutograph and CLAY both show a certain level of promise we here at AudioInferno get excited about. The truth is, they BOTH aren’t as consistent as we’d want but they have shown such promise that can’t be overlooked easily. Where am I heading with this? You’ll see soon enough. Nigeria now has a roster of acts that move from our shores to other shores to perform, and the crowd love what they do. Burnaboy for instance has carved a decent (underselling it really) fan base in South Africa. Honestly, I think the South Africans love him more than we do here in Nigeria. Same with Nneka in Germany and Asa in France. That’s err…hmmm.

Both Rock acts I initially mentioned are capable enough to perform in other countries and bring us that deserved position we want, A ROCK MUSIC NATION. Which we actually are. There are a shit ton of people playing Rock music here and who listen, too. Why aren’t they out there playing? I know but that’s another article for another day when I decide to annoy people.

I have seen both bands play and I have also performed with one of them and I’m usually thinking what everyone else is thinking:

“What are you guys waiting for?!”

I also know what they are waiting for but that’s another article for…. You get the gist there.

So, we ask then people, those who know both bands and have seen them play at various shows…

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