What is your point of origin?

Hello humans,

It’s Sam of AudioInferno. How goes the days? Fast, yeah? I know the feeling. One day you’re making New Year resolutions and the next BOOM! It’s Christmas. Yes, I know it’s only August.


We, as people have different points where we started doing or liking certain things. A boy watching cartoons and asking his dad to draw the cartoon characters for him. Then one day, the dad says “No. Today, you will draw the cartoon characters YOU like by YOURSELF.”


My point is, there are points in our lives like that. There was a point when we, rock and metal fans, just saw or heard something and thought “0_0 THAT. IS. AWESOME!!”. It might have been one night we turned on the TV and saw something called “HEAD BANGERS BALL.”. Or maybe it was an older sibling who kept jamming METALLICA 24/7. Or we could have been minding our own business watching “The Matrix: Reloaded”, when the movie ends and a song just starts. Out of curiosity, you decide to let the credits role and you encounter a song where the lead singer is singing

“Do you see what I see?
And can you hear what I hear?
Do you feel what I feel?
Can’t stop Sleeping Awake”

And you think to yourself “Wow… Nice song. I wonder who sang it.” Then you go to Google and type the lyrics you heard and… #ORIGINSTORYTINZ
However, today, I am going to bring to your attention another point of origin that a lot of people… well, people I’ve met, don’t seem to ever bring up. Ever!!

CARTOON THEME SONGS ( especially those from the 90’s)

Yes! I said it. CARTOONS!
Those colourful things you woke up to watch every Saturday by 6 AM. The things that made you almost get in trouble with your folks because you only woke up on time for cartoons, but for some reason, you couldn’t wake up by 6 for Sunday service or school. Sounds dorky right? But trust me, if you pay attention to the songs in the opening sequences for those cartoons, you will know I am right.

Check these out:

(I will put up the original theme songs AND guitar covers for those who want to learn to play their fav theme songs on the AXE. You’re welcome.)

1) Extreme Dinosaurs:

the cover

2) Power Rangers:

the cover 😀


3) Dragon ball Z



Couldn’t find the cover for this. Well, not one with the guy actually playing the guitar. But, yo, this theme song rocks!

Bonus Videos:

The last video is my favourite background music track from the Megas XLR show. MAD HEAVY METAL stuff, right there.

So what is your point of origin? Do tell!



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