Band Of The Week: Last Year’s Tragedy (Interview with the lead singer) Part 1

Hey, there! How’s your week going? Good? Ours is great because it’s Last Year’s Tragedy week and we’re all huge fans over here at AudioInferno Towers. Austin sat down with David, the lead singer of the band for a really personal and awesome interview. This is part 1. Read it, digest the awesomeness and prepare yourself for part 2 coming out this Saturday!

David Mburu

David Mburu. Lead singer of Last Year’s Tragedy

Austin of AudioInferno: Please, can you introduce yourself?

David of Last Year’s Tragedy: I’m David aka Chizi, lead singer for Kenyan Melodic Metal band Last Year’s Tragedy. Chizi means madness in a positive way though 🙂 . Should I introduce the band?

A.I: Sure, you can, bruv. You are representing the band.

L.Y.T:  We are a seven piece band from the cradle of humanity, Kenya. Ted on clean vocals, Diallo on rhythm guitar, Mahia on bass, Stan on drums, Ruto on keyboard and Jose is on lead guitar. George Atsula is currently filling in for Stan as he studies in Germany

We all met while attending different universities locally and in the UK. We all started out as fans of rock/Metal music, an appreciation that soon turned into a piercing urge to form a band. It’s still mysterious how we all met up 🙂
Well, it’s been 10 years now, going strong.

Former members include David Kiptoon on lead guitar now in Seismic and Tomi Oladipo on bass now a BBC journalist

A.I: Seven man band! Wow, that’s pretty awesome, man. You guys are entering the Eluiveite fold. Haha

L.Y.T: Hahaha, our bros from Metal4Africa shared the same sentiment

A.I: I know right. Ten years and still strong. That’s pretty good, man. To me y’all understand yourselves and that is great. So what was the ambition of the band when you started?

L.Y.T: Have fun, make killer tunes, have groupies, hahaha.We really wanted to play shows, and hopefully age with, and evolve with our music. We weren’t awesome instrument whisperers, LOL. We sucked and had the drive to learn and overcome our fear of failure. We’ve all developed our artistry together, a band like Deftones really inspires us

A.I: Very inspiring words. Your band inspires me David. Even your Challenge Accepted album, the lyrics of all the tracks were inspiring. So who writes the songs and who writes the lyrics?

L.Y.T:  Thanks, bro. 🙂 Much appreciated 🙂

We all help in the creation process of our songs, there is no ‘I’ in team. Our creative freedom allows everyone in the band to explore within themselves and resonate what they feel, that’s what moulds Last Year’s Tragedy songs. As for the lyrics, I’ve primarily had the role of song writing, now Ted and I write together. The message we give is very important to us. We are trying to better humanity. Rather than change people, add value to their lives.

David Mburu2

A.I: Inspiring words, again. So where was your first gig and last gig?

L.Y.T:  Our first gig was a fundraiser at Daystar University, where the band started around early 2006. We were a bit wild as it is a Christian university so the misconceptions were prevalent.

Funny fact: we used to practice with acoustic guitars, then when we got to gigs borrow electric guitars and riff up.

Our last gig was a month ago alongside Rash and Irony Destroyed organised by our bros from Rock Patrol.

A.I: Your funny fact, though. It is what it is. So why did you pick your particular style? Melodic metal?

L.Y.T: We say Melodic Metal, honestly though, we don’t even know what genre we play. And we can’t create a dome over our music, someone awesome once called our music Safaricore, it has a nice ring to it, journey music that will trigger pure feels… One thing for sure is we love melodic soundscapes.

A.I:  Wait. Safaricore? I have seen genres, man. To me, I feel your genre, your sounds are Melodic. I’ve been listening to Elephant In The Room by you guys. That’s a song with sweet melodies. Tell us in your own words what Safaricore means?

L.Y.T: Safari means journey in Swahili. Safaricore to us means music that gets you to musically journey through different life experiences, good or bad through music basically experiencing a pure and positive musical journey.

A.I: How old were you guys when you first stood on stage?

L.Y.T: Hahaha… Age? 20 years old, I guess. Our average age now is 30! Old but young at heart.

A.I: Ten years and still counting right. How time flies.

L.Y.T: True like Deftones, Pod. Age doesn’t matter, always follow your happiness.

A.I: True, always do what makes you happy. So what are the bands that influenced your band? The bands you listen to?

L.Y.T:  Pink Floyd, Underoath, Rival School, Sttuterfly, Silverstein, Deftones, Misery signals, Funeral for a friend, Caliban, It Dies Today, Insomnium, Erra, Fit For A King, Parkway Drive.

A.I: Insomnium!!!! My best Melodeath band!! I now know the reason for your melodies.

L.Y.T: Hahaha 🙂 They have awesome tunes.

A.I: They do, man!


This ends part 1 of the interview. We shall bring you the concluding part on Saturday. Be sure to stay tuned to AudioInferno for all your African rock/Metal happenings…




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