AudioInferno Podcast Episode 21 (So Far, So Awesome)


We’ve had a lot going for us here at AudioInferno. A lot more than we honestly expected. Truth be told when we kicked off the site in January we had a clear idea of what we wanted the site to represent and I’m super stoked to say we are doing just that, representing. Under the last four weeks (or more) we’ve had interviews with some hilarious/real/amazing bands. We always thought these guys would be posers but with every interview we’ve had, we’ve learnt these guys are as similar to us as we are to them: they all want a piece of the pie on the African scene and they just want folks to listen to their music AND they all mess around and have regular buddies. IMG_1584-0.pngA ton of things finally make sense.

Huge HOOOOOORAAAAAAAAH to bands like 40 Days Journey, Last Year’s Tragedy, Poverty of Ideals, Skreamer and the cast of bands I haven’t mentioned yet. Cheers to all of yous!


A couple of months ago 1LastAutograph covered a song by BankyW titled Yes/No. I predicted a ‘cover war’ and it’s happening…. Maybe not in full force but it’s happening any way. CLAY recently released a cover of a song by Korede Bello titled Godwin and Mac Roc followed up. Both covers are easy on the ear and we had reviews for both, (check here and here.)

jjsaiThe band Devil Speaks seems to have kept my attention here and I’ve only heard a snippet from them. Thing is, I fucking hate snippets but from what I heard on the ‘WinterFest 2015’ Compilation (of snippets) I was enthused. As you folks know I am a huge fan of a certain genre of Metal and it takes heaven and hell to get me to love other genres or sub-genres, but this here has me by the balls. Devil Speaks will be performing at this year’s WinterFest and they will be the opening act, this Saturday. We will find a way to get videos and pictures of the event so we could share them on the site. Truth is, WinterFest excites us all here. We will follow this story.


Talking bout WinterFest though, it kind of sucks we won’t be able to fly over there and witness the event. We aren’t crying over this instead we will be aiming for next year and we will be coming demanding backstage passes also. We honestly want the whole package, video questionnaires (or interviews), pictures, meet and greet sessions. You think it and we’ll be hoping to do it all. 10484159_10152199649204007_4611231040922341905_n

ALSO, we had a rock gig a couple of Saturdays back and yours truly hosted along with my very good buddy Wole “Phoenix” of Rockstreamng. Yours truly also had the chance to perform on this said gig too along with 1LastAutograph. CLAY was there too, she performed a couple of her songs and it was grand (she also gave my brother a kiss and he called it an autograph… he also rubbed it in my face so, we have a problem here at home etc… etc… etc… etc.) AND we had +234 Band perform also. You guys probably never heard of them but they have a single coming out (or already out) and we will be letting y’all in on that action soonish. It was a kick ass gig and we have the pictures to prove it too. All in all, we demand more rock gigs in Nigeria.


Finally, I am a bit sad to announce I will be leaving the country for a couple of years. That doesn’t mean Skippy will be gone or the podcast? Pfft, fuck no! If anything it means the podcast will be better and more shows on the site… the other difference is I won’t be screaming “…hey guys this is Skippy Duran coming to you LIVE from my room which happens to be my studio,” I’ll be looking for a better catchphrase when I start all other podcast from the very next podcast we have up.

We’ve covered a lot lately and we have to show our appreciation for the good folks who’ve patted us on the back. We salute the bands mentioned and the ones we didn’t mention. We love your works and we see your struggle to get your songs out. We hope to provide the perfect platform to promote your music also so TAG US IN EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!! (If you don’t tell us what’s happening, we won’t know)


Temet nosce. Author of the book: The Complication, Grim. Speed/Thrash Metal enthusiast. Guitarist. #CFC. Sub-serial AudioInferno podcaster. Habitual fire starter, local troublemaker, I'm BATMAN (nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, nana, BATMAN!!!!!!!!)

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