Band Of The Week: Last Year’s Tragedy (Interview with the lead singer) Part 2

Hey, there! It’s the last day of Last Year’s Tragedy week ūüôĀ and we’re ending it with the last part of our interview with David Mburu, the lead singer of the band. Austin conducted this interview. Be sure to check out part 1 first, if you haven’t already.

Last Year’s Tragedy performing

A.I: Your Challenge Accepted album was dope as we all know. Should we expect any album from you guys soon?

L.Y.T: We’re working on our full length album. We’ll be releasing our d√©but single, Bury Your Fallen Dreams on August 22nd. The track is about reigniting our purpose as humanity, heeding divine freedom to help us behold a better present and future for all people.

A.I:¬†What! August 22nd?¬†You’ve¬†just made my day. That‚Äôs great news! David, can you hand me a¬†handkerchief? Let me dry my eyes…

L.Y.T: Hahaha!

A.I: So what places will you be playing in the immediate future?

L.Y.T: Hopefully around Africa and the world.

A.I: Amen to that, Bro. So is it easier to get your inspiration from older bands or modern bands?

L.Y.T: We appreciate all

A.I: I get inspired by your lyrics a great deal. What are your sources of inspiration?

L.Y.T: Day to day life encounters, positive real morals from both ancient indigenous cultures to modern free spirits that want what’s best for humanity

A.I:¬†What’s the first step when making a new song?

L.Y.T: There’s no formula to our song creation, when it‚Äôs there, it’s there

A.I:¬†Nice. So what’s the funniest thing a fan has done to you on stage?

L.Y.T: Hahaha, there’s a lot looking back though, in the earlier days there’s this one dude who kept stealing the microphone and growling even through our soft tunes, hahaha, he had the craziest hip-hop moves I’ve ever seen in a metal show, think he was crumping… I was so pissed, looking back at the footage though, it’s a gem that makes us burst out laughing every time.

A.I:¬†Loool, though… He was growling even on your soft tunes?

L.Y.T: He was off tune, by the way… Hahaha

A.I:¬†Lmao‚Ķ I’m dead. So, what do you fear most on stage?

L.Y.T: The sound sucking. We sucking. Hahaha. King Mosh AKA Dan Bizzarro knocking out guys in the mosh pit… You don’t want to be near this bro when he’s tearing up the mosh pit. He’s awesome.¬†Guitarists losing picks and strings because of going too wild…

Man, when you’re on stage it’s a different realm altogether.

A.I:¬†So what’s the most memorable thing a fan has done for you?

L.Y.T: Tattoos!¬†Last year’s tragedy tattoos!¬†What’s humbling is having fans getting inspired through our music from suicide attempts, hardships…¬†Man, that’s why we do this… To give hope and strength. We all encounter dark and bright days. Two¬†realms always existing. Accepting all and making ourselves better is the most important part of life.


A.I:¬†That’s amazing. So much love from the fans.¬†How important are your fans and what do you think of them?

L.Y.T: They’re our core.¬†They are our fellow bros and sisters, both local and international. We love interacting, “fungua roho” we say, which translates to being open without “mapose” (vanity). They’re all awesome.¬†We make the music we love, most importantly to better humanity, our fans and ourselves. We love you all, fam, and appreciate your continued support, hope to hit a stage¬†near you soon!

A.I: How would you describe your show in one sentence?

L.Y.T: Fun, awesome, positive and passionate


A.I:¬†So what’s your pre show ritual?

L.Y.T: We’ll probably be together, practising, chilling the night before the show and we love hanging out together. We live as brothers even when we’re not performing¬†We also a take a drink or two with the fans to release tension, at the venue.

A.I:¬†You gotta release that tension, man. So that’s all, David!¬†Thank you for this interview. We at AudioInferno Towers are happy for this.

L.Y.T: It was my pleasure, Austin!


We hope you enjoyed that interview. Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Be sure to stay with us on AudioInferno as we do our best to promote African Rock and Metal music. Rock On \m/


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