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How goes the week? Just try to stay safe while doing your work stuff.

On to the reason for this article, but first a story. Once upon a time, I was active on twitter (sort of), and I followed a lot of rock fans and rock bands. One day, a rock fan asked me if I had heard of STAGE ONE before. As you might have guessed, the answer was “no”. And this particular person had taste. So I thought that any Nigerian band that could get “its” attention had to have some promise, at least. And then I was graced with “THE RISING”.

This song really took me back to the time when Linkin Park, Nickelback and Breaking Benjamin were on everyone’s playlist. Then I found out they were a Christian band. I got more stoked. Sure the production was a bit on the Iffy side, but they still managed to make it all work. I mean, even friends who weren’t into RAAAAWWWWWKKKK were asking me if I knew the song. Then a few weeks after discovering this song, I heard the song “CRY”.

Cry had this garage punk vibe to it. And the use of pidgin English in the chorus was really on point. Well I thought so. I’m sure there were peeps saying it felt off. Hey, if Skindred could merge reggae and nu-metal, Stage One could do whatever they wanted. Sure It was a departure from their LP-ish sound in “THE RISING”, but it was a good song.

Fast forward to… I think it was October 2013. Another friend said he heard a band called Stage One play “RISE AGAIN”. Now, I thought he meant “THE RISING”. But alas I was wrong. And no, he didn’t mean a “RISE AGAINST” cover. He meant a song titled “RISE AGAIN”. At this point, I was completely sold. Stage one had found a permanent place in my heart. The song had the LP element and used it well. At this point I believed they could only keep improving.And then they released “EVERYTHING”.

Now, I honestly don’t know where to place this song when it comes to its sound. All I can say is the piano parts give it this “JAMES BOND SOUNDTRACK” feeling. Till this day, I think of James Bond when I hear this song. I’m listening to it now and all I can think of are the many faces of James Bond. It’s safe to say that this is my best song by the band for the simple reason that the song actually CREATED an image in my mind.

This Jos based Nigerian Rock outfit aren’t the greatest thing to happen to music. However, they are a group of guys who know what they’re doing and are having fun doing it. Even as people, they’re cool. The bassist, Joseph Jawfu and I have talked at lengths about stuff before. He’s a cool guy. So for those of you who don’t know about them, check them out.

Jam their songs and spread the word. We shall talk a bit more about the band as the week goes by. Till then, PEACE ‘UUUUUT!!!


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