Mid Week Round-up: Last Year’s Tragedy, XTsamurai, Phrance, Richee Rawk & Bipolar Rats

Hey, there! It’s Wednesday and we’ve got some news from various quarters that are too small to call for individual posts. So here they are presented in an easy to digest format.

Last Year’s Tragedy, the Kenyan Melodic Metal band, have released the album art for their new single dropping on August 22nd (the title of which we exclusively revealed in our interview with the lead singer of the band). We can’t wait to hear this song. The anticipation is boiling over.

South African band, Bipolar Rats have added a new drummer. Their new album, “Anti-Social”, is coming out  later this month. So much new music coming soon!

Nigerian alternative artist Phrance is set to release a new song titled “Champion”. You can listen to his older song above. It’s been a while since Phrance came out with anything. We’re curious to see what he has up his sleeves this time round.

XTsamurai!!!!!!!!!!!! New music from the artist drops in just few days! We’re hyped! ‘Nuff said.

Nigerian alternative rocker, Richee Rawk is also dropping something new soon. Hopefully, it’s a better effort than his last songWe’ll take anything new, though. So bring it on.


That’s it. C’est fini. Be sure to stick around to AudioInferno for info on your favourite African bands…

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