digit(A)nalogue : Now you can make your guitar sound like whatever you want…. The Sequel

Komos showing us if digital is better than analog (he actually isn't)

Komos showing us if digital is better than analog (he actually isn’t)

Hello, Humans.

Remember when we talked about the effects, a bands choice, in distortion/effects kits/pedals can make or break their sound? No?



Up to speed now? Good.

So in the article above, I mentioned the digital analogue thing in passing, sorta. Now we shall talk about it a little more. Now I’m by no means a seasoned guitarist. Heck, I barely qualify as a noob. But that’s another story for NEVER!!! 😛

However, I do have a tendency to observe patterns and notice traits in things I pay attention to (Should have forced myself to love chemistry in high school… sigh). And I noticed this thing. Let me call it a “beef”. There’s this fault line between metal heads of different generations. Those who started listening to metal in the late 80’s or early 90’s tend to look at newer generations of metal as…”MEH”. One of these purists (e.g: AxlPif) complain that there is an “excessive use of digital effects” in “MODERN” metal. Now I am one of the new generation of metal jamming people. My first metal band was a hardcore/punk/nu-metal act from Japan: MAXIMUM THE HORMONE. So, yeah I am soooooooo NU-GEN in my metal ways.

Anyway, I can hardly tell the difference between the digital and analogue sounds. Maybe if i get the chance to actually play a guitar with both, I will notice. Until then, I will rely on word of mouth and stuff to talk about the issue. The first time I actually took the “digit(A)nalogue” issue to heart was when one of my favourite YouTuber guitarists posted this video

I am sure that I can safely say that there has to be at least some merits to using analogue effects pedals. Seriously. The guy in the video has been playing the guitar in bands for years. And in all those years, he was rocking his guitar with the digital effects. Yet he felt the need to actually build a board of effects kits. So yeah. There MUST be merits. Maybe a richer sound? But the rich sound must cost a lot to create. This brings me to the reasons why I think digital has caught on in modern metal.

I think having an application that can mimic or create all sorts of pedal effects is very convenient. In fact, I’m sure it is. It’s the same way y’all would rather have a phone that’s super uber cool with the high resolution cameras and all that. So many functions in one little device. Must be the same way with guitar effects applications. And having all that one place is definitely convenient

Just in case you forgot about the video:

In the video, the guy plays around with 45 different effects. 45!! Basically to play that song in the video in the same way, you will need to own 45 effects pedals…at least!! ‘Cause the video didn’t account for delay effect pedals, just tones.

Now I’m not being an advocate for either form. It’s a free world. Let the bands do what they feel good with. Each form has its advantages and disadvantages. And we can’t really judge bands, especially the underground/ upcoming bands for going digital. I mean, it’s cheaper!! But the richness and stuff that analogue provides (again I’m just assuming this. I don’t have experience yet) is something to aspire to, abi?

Anyway, my fingers are typing and I want to do something else now. So till next time, stick to AudioInferno for everything African rock & Metal.


Here’s some videos from the guys above playing random stuff… You’re welcome.


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