AudioInferno Podcast Episode 22: What’s Your Fav (or Best Ever)….??? (Part 1)


You ever wondered why a lot of people can’t tell you what their  fav rock song is? Yea, you think about that for a minute and get this here. A lot of folks listen to different genres of the same kind of rock music so naturally it confuses them when asked what their fav is. Now, have you noticed how certain people who listen to fewer or one genre can quickly tell you their favourite songs (maybe of all time even.) There really isn’t anything here to over think. No logic or science here. It’s just basic preference and knowing it well enough, opinions too. I can easily tell you the following:

Best rock song I’ve ever heard. Best acoustic rock song I’ve heard. Heaviest Metal song I’ve ever heard. Best live performance I’ve ever heard. Saddest rock song I’ve ever heard. Best solo I’ve ever heard.
And many more too cos I’m a fucking nice person like that. Remember, this isn’t up for debate, it’s only a personal opinion. If you’re willing to be super mega emotional about it I’ll be preying on that easy so…
COME AT ME BROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This will be a two-part episode, be sure to look out and wait on the next. Anticipate that also.
1. Best Rock Song I’ve Ever Heard:The Day that Never Comes -by- Metallica. Remember when Metallic was awesome? Then they went and did “THAT” thing? Well for me and a lot of Metallica fans, the album Death Magnetic was a sort of revival for the band and this song here epitomizes that.
2. Best Acoustic Rock Song I’ve Ever Heard:Nutshell -by- Alice In Chains. Songs like this don’t come everyday, or every decade. Don’t have the words to do justice to this song, listen to it, love it, allow it be the best you ever heard.
3. Heaviest Metal Song I’ve Ever Heard:No More Tears -by- Black Label Society. How exactly do you term a song Heavy? Gosh, I wish there was a universally acceptable way to define a Heavy song. You know like how scientists… You know what, you already know! I love the original song by Ozzy (on which Zakk Wylde played the guitar) but this here, he destroyed from the opening riff to the momentary pause before the solo. It’s just so…awesome.
That’s about it, watch out for the next podcast.


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