Do you know about Iron Tusk’s Battle of the Bands?


Hello metal brothers and steel sisters, it’s Austin from AudioInferno Towers

So I had the chance to do a real quick interview with the guy behind the Iron Tusk battle of the bands held in South Africa, Duncan Allers.

Austin for AudioInferno: So Duncan, my team and I at AudioInferno are glad that you have given us this chance to talk to you about your upcoming event “Battle of The Bands”.

Duncan: Thanks

AI: How did you come up with the idea to host such an event? Is it something that has happened in the country in the past or this is a first of its kind?

Duncan: We wanted to give bands the opportunity to showcase their talent at the venue, and for the up & coming artists it would give them confidence in playing in front of a crowd.

Iron Tusk

Metalheads rocking it hard with the bands

AI: Rock music is well accepted in South Africa, when compared to the awareness level in some other African countries. What do you think can be done to improve the awareness level of rock music in countries like Nigeria that have not fully accepted the genre?

Duncan: I think having a Rock/Metal fest in Nigeria would be good, but bringing in bands from Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa etc would create a lot of interest in Nigeria.

AI: “Battle of The Bands”, I’ve heard about such things in the USA and some European countries, would this be something like that or different from how it’s done in those places?

Duncan: It would pretty much work on the same principle. Bands would be judged on their performance, crowd interaction and promotion of the event.

AI: What kind of battle would it be like? Song performance battle, instruments performance battle or like and air guitar kind of battle. What other battles would be included?

Duncan: Solo artists or bands will be permitted using acoustic or electric guitars depending on the performers choice.

AI: How were the bands selected?

Duncan: It is upon public advertising whereby the bands can submit their application via e-mail to the venue

AI: What does hosting such an event entail, physically, financially and socially?

Duncan: We would still need our standard staff at the venue (barman/security/sound engineer) and the sound set-up and sound check would still be required.

AI: How can this be replicated in other African countries in order to raise the awareness level of rock music in Africa?

Duncan: I think it is very likely that this sort of event would do well in other neighbouring countries around South Africa.

You see, real quick. We are going to be interviewing him more in the nearest future. The Iron Tusk Battle Of The Bands started last week. Iron Tusk is a new live music venue in Newtown, Gauteng, South Africa. They host live bands of any genre Monday to Saturday.

Staff entrance

Entrance to Iron Tusk Venue

Heat 2 starts on Wednesday, September 16th. There are more battles, just stay tuned to AudioInferno. This event starts by 19.00 hrs. In Nigerian airspace, that’s 6pm. Anyone in the vicinity should check it out

Address is Iron Tusk, 39 Gwigwi Mrwebi St, Johannesburg, South Africa .

To visit their Facebook page click here, their website is

Entrance is Free!!!

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