Skippy Duran’s Song Of the Week


You can’t unlike a song that lures you in like Level the Hills does. The damn song sneaks on you. While sleeping… I had my songs on shuffle a couple of days ago and I was half way through my sleep then this song comes up!
We had an interview with 40 Day Journey a couple of weeks back and I got all their available songs on their Reverbnation page. Sick stuff! I advice you guys to head on there.

Loved every song but this stands out for me. Murray Ellison on vocals and his opening riff worked it all for me. Kyle Kirk beating away on the drum keeps your attention AND freaking Shaun Laubsher dominates on bass. I won’t draw comparison to who they all sound like collectively or individually. I hate doing that. It limits the bands for me. I mean sure they all have individual that inspired them but why limit them by saying they sound like so and so?


Honestly, there was a moment of heavy breathing in the damn song… Freaked my mind it did!

Well the song has me on repeat mode! I suggest you look these guys up sharpishly like. Level the Hills, my song of the week!


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