Band of The Week: Exit “Stage One”

Hello again, humans.

Welcome back to Band of the Week. For those who don’t know yet, we’re focusing on the Nigerian rock band, STAGE ONE. The last time I talked about how I discovered the band, and my reaction to their cool, though small, discography. You can read it HERE. Come to think of it, those 5 songs could be compiled into an E.P. They could put it up on iTunes or Amazon for sale. I mean, the songs are good. A little rough around the edges, maybe but I can attest to their potential. I envy y’all that live in Jos, man. Y’all get to see them live. I wonder what their live energy is like? “CRY” and “EVERYTHING” are the songs I’d like to see them perform live.

I saw recently, on Twitter, that they performed in Abuja. So, they performing outside Jos now. Darn it. I missed seeing them live. Ah well. Maybe, next time. I’ll be more vigilant in monitoring them on Twitter. Well that is how I kept tabs on their release dates for songs at one time.

Their last track was released last year. It’s called Bigger and you can listen to and download it below.

Speaking of, I wonder when next they release something? I think it’s been almost a year since Bigger and even longer since Everything (which I think came out in 2013). Dear Stage One, I know the recording process can’t be easy, especially for an independent band, but I think I’m done “enjoying the silence”. You guys should drop something for us to jam this year. Especially since a number of rock solo artists and a smaller number of rock bands in Nigeria have started popping up around the country.

Yo, there’s been Living Oracle, Komos, Mac Roc, The Clones, NathMac, Rock Engrafted, 1LastAutograph, Clay… There was this one fella that performed at Metal & Romance 2015 who RIFFED “MINDS AND BODIES” without a band backing him up. Just him and his guitar. Awesome performance, yo.

PS: For those of you reading this, who attended M&R 2015, If you remember the guys name, drop a word in the comment section, please. THANKS!

Over the last year I’ve even met a couple of guitarists who say they are open to the idea of actually starting a band and taking their music to the next level. I’ve met people who have summoned up the courage to actually buy the distortion kit and start playing the rock and roll style. And It’s all thanks to guys like ROOFTOP MCs, THREADSTONE, STAGE ONE  and NEO the fellas behind the “NEPA Took The Light” song. To me, these guys are the guys who dared to start playing rock in a country where the genre is far from mainstream. They may not be the first rock bands in Nigeria, but they’re the first rock bands I heard of. Yup, STAGE ONE is one of the FIRST NIGERIAN BANDS I heard of and listened to. And I’m glad I did.

Here’s Nuhu, the lead singer of the band performing an original song that was written for Stage One although, apparently not released. At least, to my knowledge. It’s Carry Me.

In parting, I’d like to see STAGE ONE grow into one of the “FLAGSHIP” bands of the country. Let us rock and metal fans, support our local bands. Encourage them, go to their shows and “THROW UP YOUR ROCK FIIIIST….!!♫♫♫” \m/!!
Till next time. Peace ‘uuuUUT!


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