Review Summary: Nathmac’s first acknowledged EP is a catchy release that shows his mainstream potential.

Nathmac is a Nigerian Alternative/Indie Rock artist. He is a song-writer and multi-instrumentalist who hails from Bayelsa state. Nathmac is signed on to Mad Fusion Entertainment and released a four-track EP earlier in the year. I’ve seen Nathmac perform live just once, no doubt he’s got a good voice and knows his acoustic guitar well. I’m happy for him and for the Nigerian Rock Music scene. It’s a commendable effort and hopefully, it will spur other Nigerian Rock acts to not just keep releasing singles but release an EP that is a compilation of 4 or 5 songs to be expected in a near or far future album. Nathmac’s musical influences include Coldplay, Asa, Lifehouse, Nneka and more. A Rock act has an EP out and hopefully we should be hearing news of his album.

With The World Should Be A Blue City, Nathmac briefly showed glimpses of potential in deep cuts like “Shine” and “Beautiful World”, not to mention the hit song on the EP “When The Lights Go Out” ranked as the EP’s best. The EP ended with Far Gone, an admittedly weak choice. The track’s main flaw is how disjointed it is; the quiet, crooning verses juxtaposed with chorus flows as if they’re from two separate songs and it is just incessantly dull in its own right. It’s just lazy song-writing, which gets showcased far too often on here. “Far Gone” had the occasional piece of musical trash that was simply unforgivable, but there is lot more that came from this EP. It did, however showcase his mainstream potential. “When The Lights Go Out” is a prime example of this, armed with a chorus so catchy, and with well-placed “Yeah’s” that you probably can’t get it out of your head for the rest of the day. Combining that with great instrumentation, including a cool bass line, and you have yourself a true alternative rock song. This song is truly the highlight of this EP. It started slow and almost atmospheric, and mid-way, it became slightly heavy with the addition of the drums. That, there, sold the song to me. I must commend the effort put into producing this EP. But that song isn’t the only catchy track on this EP with hit potential. Songs like “Shine” and “Beautiful World” too are catchy in their own right, although they don’t work as well as “When The Lights Go Out”. The later shows a more melodic and laid-back side of Nathmac, and does that exceptionally well. The chorus especially is a bit lacking: Nathmac did not fulfil the slight rough edge of the song that well.

The EP in general is clearly more guitar-oriented combined with matching vocals. The acoustic guitar play all through this EP is fantastic. Nathmac on several occasions has the limelight and on this EP, he had four chances to shine and he chose to make full use of that, particularly on “When The Lights Go Out”. With that said, “When The Lights Go Out” is really not the only moment that exudes energy nor is it the only catchy tune on the EP. The World Should Be A Blue City isn’t a special EP but it doesn’t have to be when it’s so damn fun. An EP that’s just fun can definitely be amazing, I only hope Nathmac will be consistent enough to produce more in the future.

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Seyi Obe

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