Band Of The Week: Imperial Destruction

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Hello, guys.

It’s a brand new day of the week, the years clock is running fast on me, don’t know about you. So we going to be introducing you to a band, a Soul Harvesting Melodic Death Metal band!!! As y’all know that’s my best genre and they are my MDM brothers.

This band was formed in July 2010, with founders Wian Bester (Lead Guitar) and Jason Modryc (Vocalist). Imperial Destruction’s members grew throughout the years with the addition of Joshua Barkley (Bass), Wesely Du Preez (Rhythm Guitar) and Evan Fourie (Drums). I have met with all of them and they are pretty amazing and funny if you ask me.

There I was, trying to get some rest, just this weekend. After struggling with it for a bit, I decided to do some surfing on the internet and I came across IMPERIAL DESTRUCTION!!! I’m immediately stuck on the Age of Ra video which I’ve watched like 50 times.

Okay y’all need to watch this:

This is a band that knows what they are doing, they are good with their instruments and the growls of the vocalist (Jason) is on point. Age of Ra is a 5 minute video filled with awesome riffs, the rhythm guitar synced well with the drumming and the growls are good.

I’m watching this video and I see Edrich Guldenpfennig (a past drummer), unfortunately he left because of studies, dude drums like James “The Rev” Sullivan in Avenged Sevenfold, R.I.P REV!! In addition, I see Joshua Barkley chewing grass, I think he swallowed it. Hahaha. It happens to me too, when I listen to Amon Amarth…


*Reserves comment*

I asked Wian, that the drummer drums like Rev, and he tells me he is a fan, loool. That explains it, then.

imperial d11

I asked Wian for an explanation of the video:

So Age of Ra is a compilation of some shows we did in 2013 and 2014. It has footage from shows around Cape Town, mainly ROAR at Gandalf’s Observatory and then footage from Metal4Africa as well as the South African Metal Awards in Pretoria. Basically, it just captures what we love to do best, party with fellow metal heads and destroying the stage.

Y’all need to watch the video to see a new level of head banging. There is a sense of closeness among the band members. This kind of bond is what is needed in a band. It reminds me of the “My Horses Are Many” video by Phinehas.

These guys have been on the scene for two years, preparing and working hard for their album which is expected to come out Early 2016.

I can’t wait!

They have a new track also from their Ruinous Album, stay tuned to AudioInferno as we are going to be talking to all the members of the band on their upcoming track.


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