Gospel Force are back with a bang!

Gospel Force

Gospel Force in action

I won’t lie, I’m not the most religious of people. Heck, I haven’t been to church in AGES. However, this song right here by Gospel Force and industry veteran Eben is enough to make me consider strolling past a church! All joking aside, this is actually a very good worship track. I have had it on repeat for several hours now. There is no one! Yeah!

Gospel Force feat Eben cover art

Gospel Force is a Christian Rock band, based in Lagos, Nigeria. This is their second single off their upcoming album. The first song was called “I See You” which you can listen to HERE. As for this song, listen and download it in the link below:

Here be the song


Side Note: Eben is one of the first rock musicians I became aware of coming out of Nigeria. His video was the first Nigerian rock video I ever watched. Check it out HERE.

Remember to support your local rock acts be them secular, Christian, Muslim or Sango worshippers. Rock on! \m/

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