Band Of The Week: An Interactive session with Imperial Destruction


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We sat down with all the members of Imperial Destruction for an interactive session. Enjoy!

Austin Of AudioInferno: Hello guys! So this is the first sample of your song on what is yet to come on your 2016 Ruinous  album. How do you guys feel?

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Wian Beter Bester

Wian Beter Bester: Stoked that it is FINALLY ready for the public. we spent hours on end to make sure that everything is at max quality for the listener. First impressions last and we have gotten great feedback from fans since the release.

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Jason Modyrc

Jason Modyrc: Haha, hey bud!.I personally feel that this track release from Ruinous, is just the beginning of a massive unravelling of Imperial Destruction, that we do not see yet, a stepping stone to an unknown world, if you will.

A.I: Same here Bro: Add my positive feedback to that…In short we gonna do a review of the track Would you guys be happy with that?

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Joshua Barkley

Joshua Barkley: It’s goddamn groovy! It’s been a long time coming to have these songs tangible.

Wian Beter Bester: All in? Please give Wesley a phone call to join in, hahaha.

*Batman calls Wesley*


Jason Modyrc: That’ll be cool man

Joshua Barkley: I ain’t got no problem with a review

Wian Beter Bester: Yeah, let’s do it.

AI: Awesome, let’s do it! So who wrote the song?

Wian Beter Bester: The absent honkey wrote it… I just thought the clean bass run would be cool and did a solo over it. However, everyone contributed in their own way.

Joshua Barkley: Wesley and I wrote the music. He did all the riff work and I came up with the structure and basic drum patterns. Yeah, it’s difficult to keep track of who did what exactly.

Jason Modyrc: He’s joining now

Jason ModyrcWesley came up with the “theme” of the song, too. I then took his ideas and wrote the lyrics. Wesley is joining now

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Wesley Du Preez

Wesley Du Preez: Awwwww

AI: So, Wesley is here

Wesley Du Preez: Hey, I’m here

Wian Beter Bester:  In addition, Craig Vee gave some really cool pointers in the production of the song. Welcome, Wesley!

Jason Modyrc: Wesely came up with the “theme” of the song too. I then took his ideas and wrote the lyrics

AI: While you were away, Wian called you an absent donkey, Wesley.

Wian Beter Bester: Hahahahaha! I called him a honkey. Meaning white boy. However, that suits him better…

Jason Modyrc: Hahaha

Wesley Du Preez: Lol, wateves. Anyway, let’s do this thing!

AI: Looool. It’s all good my Metal brothers.

Wian Beter Bester: Wesley, what inspired you to write “Like Wolves”?

Wesley Du Preez: I thought that it would be a cool concept. Many fantasy films are about a battle between vampires and werewolves, and something of that magnitude needs to be heavy and in your face, where the princess gets kidnapped and fights back. I’ve never written something like this which is heavy, slow, changing and brings it back again.

Joshua Barkley: We wanted a fast one. A real shitkicker if I remember correctly…

Wian Beter Bester: This was also the first song Wesley wrote for the band soon after joining us. I’m pretty sure he got the idea from Super Mario.

AI: Looool! Super Mario?

Wesley Du Preez: Haha. I don’t think I watched  Super Mario but I did watch a lot of Dragon Ball Z.

Wian Beter Bester: Mario is the little Italian guy who takes shrooms to go on a quest and rescue the princess from where she is held captive in a tower.

Wesley Du Preez: Yeah, it was the first song I wrote after joining and some of our new upcoming material also has some stuff I wrote but never finished and Josh compiled them together.

AI: Nice one, Wesley

Wesley Du Preez: However, the story is a princess who gets kidnapped and fights back cause the Italian guy never came

AI: Lol, plot twist.

Jason ModyrcIt’s about the struggles a woman may face after suffering extreme emotional trauma. Lyrically, ‘Like Wolves That Bare Their Teeth’ tells a mythological story about a princess who has come of age and her father is aware of the dangers that she may face by being so beautiful and innocent. Incidentally, it so happens that she gets raped and tortured in the woods and wakes in a wolves cave, where she has been taken into their care. During the time that she lives with the wolves she gains strength and spiritual power to overcome her trauma and get revenge. This is a topic of real concern in today’s world.

Wesley Du Preez: We tried to capture the heaviness of the concept and the brutality of revenge

AI: Nice! So how was the song produced?

Wian Beter Bester: Song was produced by our good friend Craig Vee (Viljoen) who also did our first single Age of Ra. luckily we had a guy on board who knew our style and tried his best to get as much intensity out of every track. The guitars in this song really gives that extra attack feel. It scrapes and one has to be very aggressive playing to suit the song. You can’t just play it, you have to feel it.

AI: That will be all for now guys. It’s nice meeting you guys. My best genre is Melodic Death Metal and you guys sound Brutal Melodic

Imperial Destruction: Thanks Austin!

Y’all should expect more from these guys, they are coming with fire and force on their Ruinous 2016 album, I just heard one track and I’m having a melodic eargasm! That’s some epic ish.

Remember to keep checking back with us for our upcoming interview with them and the review of the track.

Check out their band page while you wait 🙂

Okay. that’s it.


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