My Columbine is back!


My Columbine is back with full force after a winter break. News reaching us here at AudioInferno Towers is  that My Columbine have been quite busy behind the scenes.

They took a short break from gigging over July to finish some new material which they are extremely excited about and they will be performing from next week onwards. They have been to the studio during this time as well to record and finish two extra songs and have started with two more in their home-based studio in Pretoria, South Africa, where they are based. They are really happy to be putting out a bunch of new music soon. In addition, they have also upgraded some of their gear, some new amps etc, so they are really geared up and taking it to the next level in the coming month with a new sound, new songs, new shirt designs and a lot more balls.

They even showed us some pictures of their new gear:

Awesome toys they’ve got there. The two songs they have recorded now are called ‘I am Hatred’ and ‘The Best of Me’ which are two veteran songs in their set-list that were finished about 2 years ago but have never been recorded. They are finished but they just need to be mastered so hopefully within the next two months. They are now recording the song ‘3 AM’ from their home based studio and they have recently finished their latest song ‘Hostile’ which will début at this weekend’s gig at Sundowners.

So if y’all wanna know why I’m saying My Columbine is back with full force, you must attend their upcoming gig at Sundowners this weekend, don’t miss out, go ROCK with them, we are all Africans brothers united in Metal.

They are also travelling and gigging in Botswana, all their preparations have been made and they are SUPER amped and ready for that! So all ye Botswana fans out there, My Columbine is going be rocking with you.

In addition, they have also recently signed an endorsement deal with No Ordinary Outfit, much to their delight, and their merchandise is now on sale internationally from their website.

These guys have worked so hard,they are excited to get back into stage with their fans and they have also confirmed lots of upcoming events and gigs

Stay tuned to AudioInferno as we would be telling you about these upcoming gigs.

Click here for their band page

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