Band Of The Week: Interview with Wian Beter Bester of Imperial Destruction

Imperial Destruction is the band of the week. Check out our really detailed interview with Wian Bester below but before that, be sure to read out first two posts for this awesome band HERE and HERE

Austin of AudioInferno: I’m Austin from AudioInferno, can you introduce yourself?

Wian from Imperial Destruction: Hi! my name is Wian Bester and I play in the soul harvesting Melodic sledgehammer like Death Metal band, Imperial Destruction!

I like long walks on the beaches, white wine and oysters, a love for animals and wait this isn’t a dating profile… I love shredding it up with my brothers and attending live gigs to support other bands. My biggest ambition is to grow as a musician as well as supporting our local Metal scene for years to come.

A.I: Lol at “this isn’t a dating profile.” Long walks on the beach really clears the head, man, it works for me too, I just put on my headphones and I escape reality for a while.

I.D: Yeah ’tis good to clear the mind. Sometimes it does get the creativity flowing. However, people find it quite strange when you’re walking on the beach playing air drums and humming guitar parts though. “Where will you be when the inspiration hits?”

A.I: True. I believe that, if you listen to Coldplay, though, on the beach, you might see yourself on the other side of the sea or you will escape reality and you won’t come back. LOL

I.D: Not much of a Coldplay fan to be honest. My ideal songs on the beach would be Seasons in the abyss, Slayer or even Immortal’s Tyrants. In addition, what would a coastal pillage be without some Amon Amarth “Embrace the endless ocean?” Anywho, what’s cracking man? The feelsy thing would be to ask, “what is reality, really?” We all create our own perceptions and that’s the beauty of it all.

A.I: Lol, I figured, Bro. Amon Amarth! You know this, bro. You are from Asgard also. So, why did you pick up your particular style of music?

I.D: Yeah, I was sent down to seek out four chosen ones to form a band and spread the message about the prophecy. That mankind is doomed to repeat its history if they do not learn from it. We play for the Alföðr to spread his wisdom and visions that he gained from the runes and his all seeing eye.

It was a music style that expresses how I feel the best. We sing about hypocrisy, warfare and mythology and it just worked out that way. It’s energetic, and suits how each of the members feel. Plus, I grew up with the music and was fascinated by Metal when I picked up the guitar at 14. Metal never beats around the bush, it’s in your face and REAL. And that daring, balls to the wall attitude attracted me to a lifestyle with no regrets and freedom to be proud of who I am. In addition, the music just rocks so damn hard! It’s musically challenging to play Death Metal but it is so addictive.

A.I: So what was the ambition of Imperial Destruction when it started?

I.D: Weird thing was that we were almost complete strangers who just liked Death Metal. That was actually the beauty of how quick this brotherhood formed. The ambition was to get out of the attic and on a stage, pursue our musical talents and grow and expand ourselves. We never wanted fame and money, I mean we play Death Metal for fuck’s sake! It was a tribute to the guys that inspired us to pick up an instrument and keep the flag for Heavy Metal high and proud. We always admired the guys on stage while we were rocking out in the pits and felt that we wanted that as well, so why not?

A.I: You keep raising that Heavy Metal flag man, it’s needed, bruh.When you said you didn’t play for fame or for money, you got to me because most bands play for fame and recognition and money which is good but you guys are different. You just wanted to get out of the attic and pursue your musical talents and even improve on it.

I.D: Exactly! And it paid off. We are getting recognition now which we are really grateful for. It didn’t come over night, it was lots of blood, broken strings and drum sticks, strained vocal chords, partying with fans, a few broken pedals, partying with fans, gigging non stop, partying with fans. You get the idea. Hahaha.

 A.I: I get the idea, man, I really do. Earlier on, you said you picked up these instruments as a tribute to the guys that inspired you.What are their names or which bands?
I.D: Mine personally was Angus Young, Highway to Hell, one night on VH1 as a kid. Soon after it was Kiss, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica and then I discovered Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera and Death. from there it just opened up a new world of complexity on the guitar and I was hooked. My first gig I attended was in my hometown in a small sports club bar. I was 13. First mosh pit and that just kicked ass. I fell in love with the energy. Sadly, I can’t remember the bands from that night but the okes who inspired me a lot were the regulars who played at the old school skate park. Definitely a big inspiration were local bands Mind Assault and Day Turns Night.
A.I: That’s awesome. I’m a fan of all the bands you called. Who writes the song and lyrics?
I.D: Everyone contributes to song writing and lyrics. The main guys would be Jason on lyrics and Joshua and Wesley on song writing and lyrics as well. I’ve written past songs but we sort of just got flooded with new material and focused a lot of time on learning that and teaching it to our new drummer so I haven’t written anything new in a while we have a stacked pile of songs just begging to be played. We normally write the songs together, but Wesley and Josh have written a few newer songs and from there we will change it up and change the structure until everyone is happy. The most fun songs are written on the spot. I’ll start a riff and Wesley will come up with a second riff or Joshua will think up something completely different and write out drums etc, it’s a very dynamic process. I know Jason normally sits with a pen and paper and starts wrapping his idea around what he wants to sing. Evan is also a beast of a songwriter so we are really excited to merge his style of playing into the band.
A.I: Where did you play your first gig?
I.D: Our first gig was a party gig for a friend’s 18th in a warehouse. It was more of a live band practice with all our friends just forcing booze down our throats and grabbing the mic and shouting stuff at the birthday boy. We even covered “For Whom The Bell Tolls” and “Sweet Dreams” and that got the warehouse pumping with energy. However, we weren’t a full band yet, we got our one woman friend to fill in for drums for the party. We showed her the songs three hours before the gig for the first time and just winged it. It was just a fun gig, our first show was somewhere mid 2012 at Gandalf’s. We were the only Death Metal band on the line up with some well talented indie bands (LOL) so the audience didn’t know what hell hit them. We had a full house of these trendy hip guys and girls and like this dead awkward silence with one Metal head at the back screaming out “ÿeah, Dethklok!’

A.I: LOL at “talented indie bands.” I’m literally laughing now. Dethklok!!!!!

I.D: Hahahah, hey, they were good though. Just not my type of music. Black fires upon us!!!

A.I: True Wian so where and when was your recent gig?

I.D: We recently played the Geraasplaas gig which was hosted here on our farm in mid June. It was the first gig with Evan. We had some minor mistakes seeing as the guy was a bit nervous, but it was a blast, then we played our second gig end of July at Rabbit hole in Durbanville. That was a blast! Felt good to play again! We gave it our all. We are currently preparing for the Witchfest battle of the bands in September and getting ready for Gorofest on Halloween in Wolmer.

A.I: I’ve heard about the Witchfest battle of the bands that will be next month, hope you guys are superamped for that.

I.D: We are! Everything is falling nicely into place now. Hitting the stage and we’ve got an album coming out soon. Whoohooo.

A.I: Wooooow. Can’t wait. How soon, though? We talking before the end of the year?

I.D: Can’t confirm anything just yet, but early 2016 on the latest!

A.I: Awesome, we are patiently waiting so what is the funniest thing a fan has done on stage while you guys were performing?

I.D: Hehehe, there’s two incidents. One dude was completely shit faced and tried to stage dive, it was a disaster as he just fell to the ground. We found him outside later passed out in the bushes. Then there’s that one time when a fan took a dildo to the forehead. After the solo in Age of Ra we normally do a few seconds pause. It was in that time when Edrich dipped a rubber cock in a jar of glow-in-the-dark paint and threw it into the crowd, a few people ducked at the rubber projectile but some poor girl didn’t and it hit her right in the face. Whoever you are, wherever you are, lady, we are sorry.

A.I: Loooooool! *rolls to Spain* So everybody and anybody out there that is reading this,Wian apologizes on behalf of Edrich’s rubber cock.

I.D: Hahahaha! his stage name was Money shot, so he definitely deserved the name that night.

A.I: Dope, bruh, so in that Age of Ra video, there’s a fan I saw, at a time he was banging his head high and low, I thought he was gonna smash his head to the ground at one point. Sick!

I.D: Eeesh we have had that where a dude knocked his head open at one of our gigs. It was the same show with the failed stage dive. We saw this guy outside with his head bleeding like crazy. The medics bandaged his head and told him to stay out of the pit and no more booze for the night, an hour later I found him in the pit with a bloodied bandage on his head, head banging with his metal horns in the air and a beer in the other hand. PRICELESS! We don’t encourage violence and reckless behaviour in the pits. If someone falls, help them up.

A.I: What is the most memorable thing a fan has done for you?

I.D: One friend of ours got our band logo tattooed, haha, free entrance for life! The BEST thing a fan and friend has ever done for me was when he heard we were recording our album and he knew money is tight for bands and just shoved R1000 into my hand and told us to finish our album. I was almost in tears. Jason, if you are reading this, you rock!

A.I: Jason, you heard? That’s what you get for being awesome.

I.D: Fans rock. Giving us some awesome support.
A.I: So much support and love from the fans, what do you think of your fans? Just say something to them.
I.D: Pretty much the above statement. Haha.
 A.I: Hahaha, nice. What do you fear on stage?

I.D: Falling off or drowning in pussy juice. Hahahahahah.

Nah but seriously a freak accident like a light falling on me or that girl with a vengeance coming to the show and throwing dildos at us…

A.I: Hahaha. Let us emphasize on this Pussy juice, is it the main ish or a drink you get in the club?

I.D: Hahaha that does sound like a good shot idea. Amarula and Salty Coins with a dash of vodka.

A.I: OMFG, hahaha! I believe you, bruh. So how do you guys get psyched for a gig?

I.D: We tend to have a solid practice session, then we cruise to the event with metal blasting. Get there, unpack our gear and start partying with fellow head bangers. I’m normally in the pits supporting the other bands so that always gets the blood pumping.

A.I: The mosh pit does that to you, your adrenaline increases.

I.D: Hahah, yeah and then I’m well loosened up before I hit the stage. I regret it the next morning, though. Heard about this new term called a “bangover,” that’s exactly what I get after a show.

A.I: Bangover, haha, I just can’t. In your own words, discuss the term “bangover.”

I.D: I can’t take credit for the term. Just saw it on Facebook during the week. However, basically it’s a stiff neck that leaves you walking like a plank for two days. You can’t turn your neck but rather need to turn your entire body in the direction of what you wan to look at. I try to avoid driving with a bangover.

A.I: Awesome bro, that’s all. Thanks for this awesome interview with AudioInferno. we should hang out sometime to beer up.

I.D: Hahaha and try out the Pussy Juice! Thanks man, it was fun.

A.I: Hahaha. Awesome, I’m down for that.

Watch out for more interviews from us with various bands and acts over the coming weeks

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