(Axl’s Rant) A Single’s Good but An EP Is Better!

A smart human knows if they plan on going into music they can easily be forgotten. Which is why they strive hard to stay relevant with music after music. A smart musician knows that shelling out music after music is a pretty good way to stay on top but even that isn’t enough these days. It is super hard to sustain. That’s why musicians came up with this fucking awesome thing called ‘an album.’ (pronounced alu-bal-lumu) Never heard of it? Me neither. I just discovered it today, like… 20minutes ago. I also discovered I spent my time getting this ‘albums’ on my iTunes and I didn’t even know squat! However, minutes ago, I had the “oh so that’s what that is” moment. Enlightening stuff. I feel like I just discovered the wheel or the spoon or the microwave.

I feel proud of myself right now.

Now, most musicians when starting off usually can’t put together an album so they do the next best thing, the make an EP or extended play for long. Yes, that’s what it means, you owe me now for telling you the meaning. You should be wondering why you never bothered to Google it… shame on you there. I also discovered what it meant minutes ago. I won’t explain what it means. I’m not that generous today, no sir, no ma’am. But I will tell you this, the EP is the smartest way to stay relevant. And Rock bands have used this method for years. A great strategy (with the implementation of Social media) is to make an EP free. Have like 4 songs on there, put it on your Bandcamp or Reverbnation page and let your fans know about it. Now here’s how this plays out, you have an EP out, 4 songs on there, 2 great songs, 1 rubbish song and the last one is just…meh! People will be talking about it (the EP,) the more they talk about it the more you (as a musician or in this case a band) stay relevant. But it doesn’t end there. Your fans download your EP and they have it. So, while they wait on you to mistakenly put out an ‘album,’ THEY FUCKING HAVE SOMETHING TO FALL BACK ON!!!!! It sedates their appetite for more, for the moment. Not a damn single but a err, mini collection of singles.

My honest reaction when i see a new review while patiently waiting on an EP to pop up.

For some reason, Nigerian rock bands feel it’s so cool to have like 20 singles out flying all over the place; one single here, another there and another on its way. By my record only one Rock act from Nigeria has an EP out this year and it’s a freaking good EP. We also did a review on it, good job to you’s Nathmac. He has set an example for others to follow and others should definitely follow (I should mention he put a price on his EP, so that was a boner downer but not an issue. far from it) this trend. There are people who love to have songs neatly arranged in their music library, I’m one of them. It’s a chore having to have songs by a band scattered every which way.

A single can easily be forgotten. But an EP can’t (if the EP is shyte, it can be forgotten the moment it’s uploaded.) It is the job of a band to sit down and get creative, there’s no rush really, pressure yes but no rush (is that a paradox or a conundrum… I mix those easily, someone please correct me in the comment section, thanks.) Have the band up during practice time, bounce ideas around, agree on certain song you feel will stick then record these sticky songs and make it available. If your fans don’t thank you for the effort then your fans are all tools, yea, I said it.

I’ll admit I’m super anxious to review an EP from a Nigerian band, I wanna so freaking bad. I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait but if it takes forever, ugh!


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