Last Year’s Tragedy drop their latest single!!!

Last Year's Tragedy

Last Year’s Tragedy

Last Year’s Tragedy is back with their new single BURY YOUR FALLEN DREAMS from their upcoming Album   “AMONGST LIONS”. Whenever I hear that album name, I feel like Daniel in the Bible, instead of the lions to eat Daniel, he played with them. LOL, such power, right?

When first I talked to David, he inspired me with his words inspires and all his songs give hope, if I may say so.

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So I’m going to be asking  David Mburu a few questions about this single.

Austin of AudioInferno: So David its a real honour for AudioInferno to be the first to know the name of your upcoming album.

David: Y’all are awesome 🙂 and we appreciate the work you’re doing to get African bands to the world. Bury Your Fallen Dreams is the first single off our full length album ‘Amongst Lions’.

A.I: Thank you, bro. What made you choose the album name “Amongst Lions?”

David: It’s a resonator of our past, present and future experiences. A life bowl filled with positive and negative experiences. All of which are to strengthen us.

Our drummer Stan says: “First meaning, we are literally among lions. Deeper meaning… in life we are surrounded by so many things which need figuring out, so our music is sort of instructions for living among these “lions” meant to strengthen us with positive and negative roars.

A.I: How do you guys feel about this being the first single off a new album?

David: Excited, terrified, it’s crazy! We are very happy and stoked for our first full length album. We’ve been creating the new album for a while now, trying to figure out what new tunes mirror where we’re at musically and levity wise. We’re happy. We feel blessed to share these new soundscapes with the world.

A.I: Awesome, can’t wait to be one with you guys’ soundscape. So who wrote the lyrics and song?

David:  I wrote most of the lyrics. Ted topped it off and sprinkled his enchanting spells and it was a wrap and expect more galactic themes from the two of us.

A.I: Haha, I know, right? What inspired the writing of BURY THE FALLEN DREAMS?

David: Trying to inspire ourselves. To see through with our dreams, both musical & non musical. The interpretation varies for different listeners. The goal was to release a song that would positively energize all dreamers out there.

A.I: All about inspiration! I just knew David would say “inspire,” haha. You gotta go read our earlier interviews with them, these guys are amazing.

How was the song produced?

David:  We produced it with Andromeda music, under The Tsunami Studio. Andromeda is owned by two bros. Nick Wathi, the drummer for Parking Lot Grass and our own drummer Stanley Kyalo. The Tsunami Studio which is an animation and sound studio owned by Harto, who’s also a huge fun of rock and Metal. He went to the same high school. by the way.

A.I: Nice one David ,thanks for this short chat. It’s always wonderful Reigniting with you bro

David: Awesome, as always, bro.


Be sure to buy your own copy of BURY YOUR FALLEN DREAMS HERE, it’s just $1. Support your local African rock acts people. Buy the song. We will be a writing a review for the song in the coming days. Be on the lookout for it.

That’s all.


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