M.A.X presents Take A Stand Against Xenophobia – Cape Town



The M.A.X (Metalheads Against Xenophobia) Campaign is proud to present Take A Stand!! An all-ages fundraiser event featuring 8 of Cape Town’s most epic bands who are ready to blow your mind for over 6 hours!!

They will be accepting any and all donations, which will be going to the victims and families that have been affected by the xenophobic attacks earlier this year. Educational supplies such as note pads, books or even colouring in books are much needed as well as baby supplies such as nappies, formula, blankets, bottles, dummies and baby shampoo.

Let’s show the society that our taste in music does not stop us from wanting to help our fellow man!!


18h45 – DevilSpeak
19h30 – Subject To Slaughter
20h15 – Animus Fall
21h00 – Beeldenstorm
21h45 – Ohgod
22h30 – Ill System
23h20- RIse (One Nation) 10 second moment of silence
23h30 – SuiderbeeS
00h15 – The Fallen Prophets


Burning Tone Records will also be sponsoring this SUPER AWESOME hamper with Megalodon, Betray The Emissary, Zombies ate my girlfriend and Infanteria albums! Do you want to stand a chance to win this awesome hamper?! Get your butt to the gig and enter the raffle and all this awesomeness could be yours.


You can also get this BAD here at Limited edition ,make sure you bring some extra cash and support them.TAKE A STAND AGAINST XENOPHOBIA .Let this BAD here speak for you


Devilspeak will be opening the proceedings  at 18:45,so try to be early so you wont miss out on them and the show.


Next in line is Subject to Slaughter and they perform by 19h30

subject to s

Next in line is Animus Fall and they perform by 20h15

Animus fall

Next in line is Beeldenstorm and they perform by 21h00


Next in line is Ohgod and they perform by 21h45


Next in line is Ill System and they perform by 22h30

Ill System

RISE (One Nation) 10 second moment of silence from 23h20 to 23h30


Next in line is SuiderbeeS and they perform by 23h30


Next in line is The Fallen Prophets and they perform by 00h15

The Fallen Prophets

Make sure you are there !! and bring your family and friends ,SAY NO,NAA TO XENOPHOBIA .

Address is 299 Lower Main Rd, Observatory, 7925 Cape Town, Western Cape.

Doors open at 18h00.
Entrance R50.

(Under 18’s will not be given wrist bands upon entrance in order to prevent underage drinking. Any alchoholic beverage will be forcibly removed from anyone not wearing a wrist band.)


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