A moment of appreciation to the lovely people out there who asked how I was and about school too. Well, I can tell you I am alive, Graduate School is fucking insane in the best possible way imaginable, the people of Pennsylvania (Sewickley, Pittsburgh) are gems! All round friendly people. Helped me to my fit too. Plainly put folks, Skippy Duran is doing way better than he’s telling!


Two weeks ago I went on about how certain folks couldn’t tell what their “Fav so and so song” is in Rock music, well I’m still on that topic and wondering like crazy about it too, i have time on my hands. As promised I can tell you what my fav (best),

  1. Best LIVE performance: Overkill -by- Motorhead. This fucking song embodies what I would like to see in a live show: all round mental guitar solo, redunkulous drum play and a commanding front man. It’s really hard to think of a Motorhead without a Lemmy in it. Fuck that says I.
  1. Saddest Guitar Solo: Maggot Brain –by- Funkadelic. Not the first time I played these guys on the podcast, it’s back on the podcast cos it’s too good not to play again. The song raises questions for me: what makes a song sad, the lyrics, the story behind the song or the solo… you know me, and you know what I think.
  1. Best Guitar Solo (in a Metal song): Holy War… the Punishment Due –by- Megadeth. Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman doesn’t get the respect they deserves, so when Watchmojo dubbed Tornado of Souls the best Heavy Metal solo it made sense to me. Why shouldn’t it be? Look it up. But as far as I know Holy War…. The Punishment due thumps Tornado of Souls, another argument for another day.
  1. Darkest Rock Song: Floods –by- Pantera. Rest easy Dimebag. I haven’t touched anything Pantera after Dimebag passed. It just seems like I shouldn’t. Kinda like how I won’t touch anything Alice in Chains after Layne Thomas Staley passed, NOOOOOOO!!!!! Just no. Floods is an eerie song, talks of tuning to a half step and all. I should invest my time in that. The repeated riff is as haunting as the solo. The solo shows why Dimebag is considered a saint in the guitar world and the Metal scene.

And that there wraps it all up. The show will be much longer also, it’s my way of saying thank you for asking bout me etc., etc.



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