Introducing Skygrave’s Twilight

Skygrave's Twiligh

Skygrave’s Twilight is a Christian Metal band based in Nairobi, Kenya. We recently stumbled across this band. These guys are upcoming  and the guys that are in the band have been in other bands before they came together to form Skygrave’s Twilight.

The band members wish to remain anonymous for now.

“There Will Be No Tomorrow” is their first single and there’s more material being worked on for a possible EP some time next year if all goes well for the band. We are hearing here at the towers that their album name will be something metal, really strong and epic in an intense way.

So I asked Skygrave’s Twilight, lool,they wish to remain anonymous for now, it is kinda cool though, the band name will suffice for all slots.

Austin of AudioInferno: So how was this song produced and where was it produced?

Skygrave’s Twilight: It was produced entirely by the band and recorded at Andromeda studios here in Nairobi. It was a short-lived process. When the band got to the studio, the song was already written minus the solos and melodies. All that was left was to record it. Initially it was written to be a track with vocals but the band changed it into an instrumental song. All in all, it took around a month to record and master the track.

A.I: So what inspired the writing of the song?

Skygrave’s Twilight: The day of judgement. As the song title says, after judgement there will be no tomorrow. Tomorrow always signifies hope. Re-birth. A chance to live again and do it right. But after the Second coming of Christ, there will be no tomorrow. There will be no hope left. There will be no chance at redemption. The die will have been cast and everyone will have to be content with their lot. It’s a call for people to think about their future. Where do they want to end up when the judgement comes?

I’m going to love this band so if you know you got good vocals, contact them through their Facebook page  facebook, they are in need of a good vocalist and the person must be a Born-Again  Christian also.

In addition, let me drop a clue here, their band members were in the following bands:

  • Imperfect: a Punk Band
  • Narcissistic Tendencies With Delusions Of Grandeur (NTWDOG): Metal Band
  • G.O.D: Metal/Hard Rock Band
  • Void Of Belonging: a Metal  Band
  • Safari band: not a Rock band

Y’all should support this upcoming band

Stay tuned to AudioInferno as we are going to be revealing the members of this band and bringing more news from them.

Okay, that’s it.


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