ParkingLotGrass drop their new album Tusk At Hand!

ParkingLotGrass has finally dropped their long awaited album, Tusk At Hand. We can’t wait to listen to it. Why are you still reading this? Head over to the LINK and buy it now! We will be working on a review soon.

Tusk At Hand Album art PLG

Album Art

Track Listing

  1. If I Could Believe
  2. Shine
  3. Naweza
  4. Rainman
  5. Chosen Ones
  6. Let Me Be
  7. Turn Around Feat. Clay
  8. Kilio Cha Haki
  9. Sio Lazima
  10. Wanyama Wa Pori
  11. Constitution
  12. Naweza (acoustic)

Support your local bands! Rock on \m/.

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