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Not exactly what you see on song titles in rock music. I often think rock bands like to snub other rock bands when it comes to “featuring.” You ever notice how they don’t even put the names of the other acts they feature on the back of their albums? You only get to see the names of the features in the album booklets or in Wikipedia.

Won’t lie, I wasn’t exactly enthused when I found out CLAY was going to be on a song with ParkingLotGrass.

I said “meh.”

My attention was more on the “oh hey look, a Nigerian rock act will be in the same song created by a Kenyan band. That had me feeling proud. We Nigerians love when our musicians go out there and do a song with other bands. Fast forward to Tuesday, I was having some talk with a couple of buddies of mine in Grad school, Robert Morris University (I’m in Pennsylvania, by the way) bout AudioInferno and how Africa has some pretty kick ass rock bands. They asked me to prove it. I did just that, I gave them Turn Around by ParkingLotGrass and CLAY. They didn’t just love the song, they couldn’t believe it. They were, to be put plainly…


It got me proud really, I felt really good about it all. Still do today, and so since that day I’ve played the song none stop. Both acts, ParkingLotGrass and CLAY deserve the credits they get for this song which I feel will achieve “timeless” status soon. As a Nigerian, the song makes me happy and as an African, the song makes me proud.

A wondrous song, Turn Around is my Song Of the Week!

Download & listen to it HERE


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